Unravelling the Mystery Behind News24’s ‘Mashatile’ Cape Town Residence article

Deputy President Paul Mashatile. Picture: Fikile Marakalla / GCIS

Deputy President Paul Mashatile. Picture: Fikile Marakalla / GCIS

Published Mar 22, 2024


As a citizen of this loving nation I felt the ultimate need to response to the recent slanderous News24 article that questions the purchase of the R28.9 million 'Mashatile' Cape Town residence, it's crucial to delve into the situation with a critical and objective perspective, especially considering the timing and potential political implications in an election year where the public is prone to violence.

The article's timing, particularly during political activities and so close to the upcoming National elections, raises questions about the possible devious motivations behind its publication. It's important to consider the political landscape and the potential impact of such reports on the people involved, as well as the broader political dynamics at play in a current, very volatile South Africa.

A cursory examination of the ownership of the property in question, which is situated in the affluent suburb of Constantia reveals it was bought by the son-in-law of the Deputy President of the RSA. Why Paul Mashatile's name must be mentioned in connection with the property with the innuendo that his son-in-law just acted as a front for him is an insult to blacks and reveals the racism that apartheid beneficiaries are never able to hide at times like these.

It's crucial to accurately represent the ownership structure to avoid any misinterpretation or misrepresentation of facts and yet News24 chose to ignore facts in favour of casting aspersions on the dignity of the Deputy President of South Africa. It comes as second nature to those who cannot forgive the ANC for wresting political dominion away from the Afrikaner.

The revelation that the Cape Town residence was purchased with cash has sparked interest and raised concerns according to News24, but this is a lie because nobody cares who buys what in cash. It only matters if you’re trying to sow dissent in the mind of the public.

It seems News24’s editor has had a vindictive campaign for years against black pride and black success. This is to undermine the dignity of blacks so they can be divided, and to cause them to sway away from support of the ANC. Given the significant amount involved, it's understandable that questions about the source of funds and financial transparency have come to the forefront I must admit but the light in which News24 paints it is demeaning and insulting to the black reader.

There is no law against paying for a home in cash and there was no attempt to defraud SARS by the use of cash, but this is exactly what News24 wants to plant in the mind of the South Africans who support the ANC. Apartheid beneficiaries like News24 will grab any opportunity to undermine the ANC. They are on full alert for any dirt on the ANC, descending to the depths of the likes of Daily Maverick.

The News24 article displays nothing but blatant hypocrisy and exposes them for the apartheid sympathisers they are. Their content requires a careful examination of the broader implications and historical perspectives in democracy under threat. We must, however, given our history of Struggle, approach such wild and irresponsible claims by News24 with sensitivity, acknowledging the complexities of the country's colonial settler history and the diverse interpretations of political actions and affiliations.

Amidst the current dynamic political discourse and the exchange of different viewpoints vis-a-vis the ANC, it's crucial to maintain a balanced and nuanced understanding of the issues at hand and not rush into false allegations and abusing press freedom like Adriaan Basson and his ilk. By carefully analysing the details and implications of the 'Mashatile' residence report and treating people with dignity, we can foster constructive dialogue and informed insights, avoiding cheap, petty sensationalism and baseless, deliberately misleading allegations.

The article that addresses the buyer of the 'Mashatile' Cape Town residence raises important questions and requires a comprehensive examination of the facts and potential implications. As with any politically charged matter, it's essential to approach it critically and with an informed perspective, considering the broader context of racism in South Africa, and racist implications of the News24 article.

Adding another layer of intrigue to the News24 intended character assassination story is the fact that Deputy President Paul Mashatile himself recently moved into a R37 million residence in Waterfall, Johannesburg. The timing of these two property acquisitions raises questions about the financial circumstances surrounding the Mashatile family and their sources of income according to the racist minds of News24 reporters. Under apartheid many Ministers and Deputy Ministers also bought houses in Waterkloof where apartheid and broederbond elite traditionally resides. News24 would never have raised the alarm, but when a Black Deputy President buys a house in Waterkloof it must be broadcast to the wider public in order to cast aspersions on his person. Racism by any means necessary seems to be the standard operating procedure at News24.

We must acknowledge the complexities and sensitivities surrounding political narratives in South Africa coming from apartheid and strive for a balanced and well-informed understanding of the issues at hand if we want to play fair and treat blacks with decorum. News24 totally ignores the fact that the house is the home of Deputy President Paul Mashatile's son-in-law, Nceba Nonkwelo. The price of R28.9 million is given as to stir the populace who were immiserated by apartheid against the ANC. The racism is blatant. The implication is that if a white person pays R28.9 million in cash for a property, this is ok, but if a black person does the same, the implication is that they must’ve gotten the money through underhanded means. These beneficiaries of apartheid just cannot help but reveal their racism at every level when the needs arise. Blacks see in this nothing but the fact that apartheid is alive and well at staying at News24 headquarters in Cape Town. It is patently clear the objective of this pathetic article was to undermine the ANC as News24 makes no secret they want to see the Devious Alliance in power.

* Michael Mayalo is a social entrepreneur who writes in his personal capacity.

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