You can get more discounts at Pick n Pay if you play the video game on the retailer’s app

Pick n Pay smart shopper card. Photo: Leon Nicholas, Independent Newspapers.

Pick n Pay smart shopper card. Photo: Leon Nicholas, Independent Newspapers.

Published Dec 9, 2023


Pick n Pay Smart Shopper has introduced ‘Smart Hopper’ which is a video game in its relaunched app where customers can play daily to win vouchers, helping them save even more.

The gameplay involves customers navigating through several levels, reminiscent of classic arcade games, as they hop between virtual shelves to collect products.

The game gets progressively more challenging, and the rewards increase as customers unlock new levels.

The rewards include 5X Smart Shopper points on select products or categories, bonus points for fuel purchases at BP, and exclusive cash-off vouchers.

The game can be played daily so regular players can accumulate up to seven vouchers per week.

A reward is received for each new level unlocked, resetting every Monday for customers to earn more rewards.

The ‘Smart Hopper’ reward voucher is instantly available on the Smart Shopper app to load onto customer’s cards.

Customers then need to swipe their card in-store to enjoy their boosted rewards.

“In a challenging economy, customers want and need more value. Smart Hopper is good fun for customers to play – simple yet challenging. But it is also a creative way for us to engage with our customers and reward them for it, over and above the benefits our customers already get by swiping their card,” Wayne Mhlanga, Digital Transformation Officer at Pick n Pay said.

“The game has been a hit with thousands of customers on our app since we went live with Smart Hopper this month. We already have die-hard players who are determined to reach level 7,” Mhlanga added.

This gamification initiative is part of Pick n Pay's broader strategy to position its loyalty programme as the most engaging loyalty programme in South Africa, the retailer said in a statement.

The retailer also recently introduced 'Smart Shopper Happy Hour’ on its newly relaunched Smart Shopper app.

How does it work?

  1. Download the new Pick n Pay Smart Shopper app and update your details.
  2. Opt-in for notifications on the new Pick n Pay Smart Shopper app to receive alerts that ‘Smart Shopper Happy Hour’ vouchers have been loaded to claim.
  3. A notification will inform you that a ‘Happy Hour’ voucher is now available on the app.
  4. Be quick with your fingers to claim a ‘Happy Hour’ voucher, as these will be limited.
  5. Go in-store during the hour specified on the voucher to shop and redeem your discount.
  6. Swipe your Smart Shopper card (or scan your virtual card) in-store to apply the discount at checkout.

Speaking about the initiative when it launched in October 2023, Wayne Mhlanga, Digital Transformation Officer at Pick n Pay, said:

This exciting initiative will be a lot of fun for our loyal, engaged, Smart Shopper customers and is something savvy shoppers will really enjoy. While the vouchers may be limited, the ‘Happy Hour’ savings will be significant and certainly worth a visit to the voucher section of the Smart Shopper app.