Capital Wallet earns prestigious ‘Best Crypto Solution for Payments’ accolade at UF AWARDS Global 2023

Published Sep 28, 2023


Capital Wallet's triumph in securing the esteemed "Best Crypto Solution for Payments" award at UF AWARDS Global 2023 resonates powerfully with the company’s unwavering commitment to revolutionising the way people engage with cryptocurrencies in the global payments landscape.

In the swiftly evolving domain of cryptocurrency, characterised by its relentless pursuit of innovation, Capital Wallet has firmly established itself as a standout performer. With a mission to simplify the adoption of digital currencies, the company has developed a feature-rich payment solution that empowers businesses to seamlessly accept, store, send, and manage their cryptocurrency payments.

This comprehensive crypto payment provider offers a range of services designed to meet the needs of businesses in the digital economy. The prestigious award at UF AWARD Global 2023 Ceremony, hosted on September 21st following the closing of the iFX EXPO International 2023 proves how great Capital Wallet is at making crypto payments better.

An outstanding accomplishment

The UF AWARDS stand as a hallmark event, uniquely honouring exceptional accomplishments within the realm of B2C and B2B brands specialising in online trading and fintech. These accolades serve as a worldwide example, illuminating the path for traders and businesses toward the peak of industry advancements.

Capital Wallet's victory in the "Best Crypto Solution for Payments" category not only bestows upon them a distinguished honour but also plays a pivotal role in defining pioneering benchmarks for crypto payment solutions.

Capital Wallet's perspective

"Winning this award is highly meaningful to us as it underscores the results of our hard work and highlights our dedication to advancing awareness of crypto payments. We pledge to maintain the highest standards of service for our clients. In the sphere of cryptocurrency payments, there is further potential for innovation, and that is our clear objective in the near future." stated Fotis Fotinias, CEO of Capital Wallet.

Capital Wallet aspires to be the industry leader in cryptocurrency payments, prioritising the global demand for crypto payments as a mainstream funding method. Their mission is to make digital currencies a convenient medium of exchange by providing merchants with cutting-edge payment solutions.

The company has developed a robust payment platform for all types of enterprises, including those who wish to integrate crypto payments via API and e-commerce platforms via CMS plugins.

In addition, users can receive and set up auto-settlements for effortless payments in the desired crypto and popular stablecoins at the best conversion rates available.

Capital Wallet is dedicated to delivering a smooth payment experience, bolstered by exceptional client support and robust security protocols. Furthermore, they strive to cut costs through low transaction fees, expedited processing, and regulatory adherence, all while facilitating global expansion and sales growth with support for various digital currencies.

Capturing the global spotlight:

Capital Wallet's recognition at the UF AWARDS Global 2023 is a resounding demonstration of its tireless commitment to progress and innovation. Capital Wallet distinguishes itself in its global acceptance of the financial future by not only maintaining pace with change, but also forging the way forward.

Motivated by a desire to make cryptocurrencies accessible to all, this victory not only entails the acquisition of a prestigious award but also firmly establishes them as industry leaders in the sphere of crypto payment solutions.

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