Exotic & supercar CEO Justin Divaris to join Zunaid Moti during monthly webinar

Published Dec 8, 2023


Businessman and billionaire investor Zunaid Moti’s acclaimed MotiMoves business mentorship webinar is ready to host its last highly anticipated business webinar for the year.

Ending off the year fast and furious, Daytona CEO Justin Divaris will be joining Moti for the session, bringing his 25 years of expertise to the table as they seek to inspire and guide the next generation of local entrepreneurs.

Divaris is one of the country’s most recognisable businessmen. An acclaimed entrepreneur and serial petrolhead, he has built a strong track record as the CEO of numerous high-end luxury brand corporations. Like Moti, he has a serious passion for cars, with a keen knack for generating profits and successfully running businesses with annual turnovers of over R2 billion, whether in the automotive, property, art, finance, or luxury goods sectors.

Divaris places major emphasis on offering all clients peace-of-mind when purchasing luxury brands under the Daytona Group Holdings banner which include luxury vehicles such as Auston Martin, Lotus, McLaren, Pagani, Rolls-Royce, Koenigsegg and more. In addition to Daytona, Vault also falls under Divaris rein which includes luxury watch brands such as Rolex and A. Lange & Söhne. His achievements include the successful introduction of Aston Martin in South Africa, and making record-breaking sales for Rolls-Royce after assuming control of the brand.

The duo is certain to provide the insider scoop on launching and growing businesses to all aspiring entrepreneurs who join the live MotiMoves webinar.

“When it comes to making great lucrative business decisions, Justin is the man – his portfolio and successes speak for itself. I often find myself on the phone with him when I need someone to help me make a big purchasing decision. He has a unique ability to see things not only for what they are but also for what they could be,” says Moti.

The seventh MotiMoves session is scheduled to go live on Sunday, 10 December 2023 at 7pm, where Moti and Divaris will share in an informative discussion on entrepreneurship, making those daunting and risky business decisions, how to turn those decisions into profit, and, of course, all things super car related.

Divaris adds, “I’m highly passionate about building a powerful network, and the importance of relationship marketing. Not many aspiring entrepreneurs have these two pillars listed at the top of their priorities when they start out, and I would like to emphasise the critical role they can play. Platforms like the MotiMoves webinar are the perfect opportunity to share these types of insights to help others find their own success.”

More than just a business webinar

Launched in May of this year, MotiMoves is also an investment vehicle through which Moti finds and helps small business startups to grow. However, Moti’s main goal is to provide young and aspiring entrepreneurs with the business knowledge and mentorship they need to succeed, drawing from his wealth of personal experience in building numerous multimillion rand companies across the African continent.

This Thursday, Moti will be giving away a total of R250,000 cash to 41 lucky registered MotiMoves members – one grand cash prize of R50,000, and 40 smaller prizes of R5,000 each. All winners will be randomly selected from those watching the webinar live on Moti’s website.

For those not yet registered for what could be a life-changing experience, simply visit www.zunaid-moti.co.za, click on the Members login area at the top right of the screen, and follow the registration prompts.