Glynn Mashonga: digitising small businesses

Glynn Mashonga is the driving force behind Globescope Security Solutions.

Glynn Mashonga is the driving force behind Globescope Security Solutions.

Published Nov 1, 2023


Innovation blooms in the heart of challenges, and few embody this sentiment better than Glynn Mashonga, the driving force behind Globescope Security Solutions.

Born and raised in Mitchell's Plain, her journey from adversity to success paints a portrait of determination and compassion. With roots entrenched in her community's struggles, Glynn's mission revolves around leveraging technology to combat unemployment and enhance safety.

A journey forged by purpose

Her path initially led to physical guards, employing as many people as possible. "I am such a softie, and the perils of the job nudged me towards the technology-driven aspect of security."

With a background in computer programming and a resilient spirit, Mashonga swiftly pivoted her focus to the tech side of security, paving the way for a profound transformation.

“Venturing into a male-dominated domain posed unique challenges. I learned to overcome my lack of technical expertise by mastering installations and wiring intricacies. I am a technician and the business brain," says Mashonga.

Her relentless pursuit earned her the respect she deserved, transcending gender norms and establishing her as a qualified technician able to run the multidimensional facets of being an entrepreneur in the safety and security sector.

Pioneering with purpose: Addressing safety and unemployment

Globescope Security Solutions’ mission encapsulates the power of technology and Artificial Intelligence to tackle safety and unemployment. Mashonga envisions an app that bridges the gap between job seekers and local businesses by employing AI for license plates, fingerprints, and facial recognition.

"We can create jobs, but we need to make the right people aware of them. This platform could significantly enhance community employment, linking skills to opportunities and nurturing an ecosystem of growth."

Furthermore, Mashonga's ambition is to venture into AI-driven manufacturing to create jobs and democratise access to the latest security technology, so that the areas in the greatest need can afford it.

Her initiatives to continually uplift those around her are evident in the community initiatives that she is involved in.

She mentors young people in growing money and using their skills to earn an income. As she discovers how to enrich the lives of those around her further, Mashonga shares pertinent insights.

"AI and technology will play a significant role in improving safety across industries. For instance, AI-powered monitoring systems can enhance workplace safety by identifying potential hazards, predicting equipment failures, and providing real-time alerts to prevent accidents.

Technology and AI can empower individuals to become entrepreneurs and innovators, creating new businesses and startups. As automation takes over specific tasks, individuals may have more time and resources to invest in creative ventures and novel solutions to societal challenges.

Finally, the role of technology and AI in safety and unemployment will likely involve a complex interplay of automation, collaboration, regulation, and innovation.”

With empowerment at the core of her vision, Mashonga understands the value of identifying partners to scale growth.

A shared vision for scaling success

As the architect of Globescope's growth, she recognised that collaboration was the key to expansion. Instead of keeping her business close, she embraced the power of sharing her vision. Her decision to partner with those who specialised in physical guarding paved the way for exponential growth. This union propelled the company's workforce to a staggering 1200, even across borders, as a branch was established in Zambia.

Mashonga's journey exemplified the strength of shared ambitions and mentorship, values she embraced and amplified on her journey with women’s technology advocate, Innovator Trust.

“Initially, I resisted incubation, but when I first engaged with them, I knew this programme was unlike any other. They invest in every aspect of who you are, including your mental health."

Enabled by Vodacom, her transition from Innovator Trust's Enterprise Development Programme to the Supplier Development Programme has also presented her with opportunities like being listed as a Vodacom supplier. Through her continuous personal and business development, Mashonga honours her purpose in her work.

In the hands of trailblazers like Glynn Mashonga, technology ceases to be a mere tool; it becomes a catalyst for change, a conduit for empowerment, and a beacon of hope for communities worldwide.

Mashonga will participate in the eight instalment of the Women In Tech (WIT) Experience, hosted by Innovator Trust on November 16.

The event is dedicated to celebrating and empowering female ICT small business entrepreneurs like Mashonga.

As we navigate the complexities of our era, there are many lessons to be gleaned from Mashonga’s story and the challenge to embrace innovation with the same fervour and compassion she does.

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