How to work effectively without extra stress and anxiety across time zones

How to work global hours without burnout, Image: Pexels

How to work global hours without burnout, Image: Pexels

Published Mar 11, 2024


The digital era has presented a number of opportunities including working with teams across the globe. Although exciting, you can expect some challenges as you adjust your body clock.

Being part of a global team means you’ll either be a few hours ahead or behind your colleagues on the other side of the equator. This doesn’t mean you can’t be aligned however, thanks to technology, we’ve seen the rise of tools/ apps which make it possible for teams to work efficiently across time zones. Executive, Team & Leadership Coach, Claudia Brandt recommends a good appointment tool like Calendly, noting that it’s important to be clear on your boundaries to avoid burnout. “And when you do work, use all the features offered by Zoom and Teams.”

Here are more useful online tools to consider: – you’ll be able to view different time zones which makes it easier to align your schedule with your team. – this allows you to compare the timelines of different time zones at no cost.

Google Calendar – this time-management and scheduling calendar allows you to schedule, organize and share events with your team members.

Fantastical - the app allows you to select the time zones relevant to you which makes scheduling events in multiple time zones quick and easy.

Top tips for working efficiently across time zones:

Communicate clearly – this ensures that everyone is aligned in the absence of the possiblity of collaborating in real time. Effective communication is at the centre of successful relationships.

Set clear boundaries – It’s impossible to work around the clock so make it clear there are times you won’t be available for meetings, especially those that fall outside of your working hours.

Be mindful of your colleague’s time zones – this helps you manage your expectations when making requests. You’ll also be able to empathize with your team members when you know where they are in the world and what time it is.

Make use of the online tools available to you – this will simplify your workflow and help with team collaboration.

Be open minded – working across time zones means embracing a more inclusive work culture. Your colleagues are from different backgrounds so naturally you’ll have different perspectives on a wide range of issues.

Original article published on GLAMOUR South Africa