Professional ‘stay-at-home daughter’ spends R852 000 of parents’ money a day

Every day is a vacation for this influencer. Picture: Pixabay

Every day is a vacation for this influencer. Picture: Pixabay

Published Jul 20, 2022


Durban - Gone are the days when rich people lived their enviable lives in small social enclaves away from the prying eyes of the commoners. Thanks to social media, we now see certain peculiarities within this class.

This is the case with 26-year-old Roma Abdesselam who claims that her job is simply spending her parents’ money.

Abdesselam is also a social media star and proudly shows off her wealth on multiple platforms.

Her social media handle is aptly named @therealsahd (the real stay-at-home daughter).

The young woman told the New York Post that some days she spends up to $50 000 (R853 354) on designer clothes, jewellery, shoes, spa treatments, fancy suppers at expensive restaurants and more.

“I have turned spending (my parents’) money as a stay-at-home daughter into a job, and that’s been very, very fun for me,” she told the newspaper.

Surprisingly, when she was asked by the Post to divulge how her parents earn so much money, Abdesselam declined to comment.

She added that due to her generous spending, her parents regularly cut her off but just as quickly keep the cash flowing to fund her opulent lifestyle.

Abdesselam also blames her posse for her spending habits, and said they encourage her to buy exotic luxury goods.

“Every day I wake up in the morning, have breakfast, go to a workout class and go shopping with my girlfriends at Bergdorf’s. And that’s my life being unemployed.”

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