Use these five tips to grow your small business’ online presence and make more moola

Growing your businesses’ internet presence is a must in the digital age. Picture: Pexels

Growing your businesses’ internet presence is a must in the digital age. Picture: Pexels

Published Feb 26, 2024


Small businesses are embracing digitisation and meeting their customers’ requirements via a variety of online platforms.

With new technology emerging, such as artificial intelligence, there is no better time than now to help your small business thrive by leveraging the internet.

Internet domain registry GoDaddy offered five recommendations to help your small business flourish through an internet presence:

Domain name

When getting started, look into the availability of domain names for the desired name.

A domain name may be thought of as a business’s online real estate and identity. It allows people to quickly discover businesses online.

Choosing and registering a distinctive domain name for your organisation is becoming increasingly vital in an ever-expanding digital economy, as it helps build your online brand profile.

If prefix is not available, you might explore other extensions such,.co.,.photography,, to help differentiate your business. After selecting a domain name, register it with a reputable hosting provider immediately away.

Build a website

Websites assist small businesses get recognition and serve as a home base for their online presence, even if they have a physical storefront.

A website allows customers to quickly locate your company, learn about your products and services, and contact you for further information.

A well-designed, professional-looking website may provide a compelling consumer experience by combining text, photos, and videos.

Having a website allows you to manage the messaging about your company and may function as a hub by linking to your social media networks.

Listen to your customers

Customer happiness has a direct correlation with business growth. Listen to your consumers and focus on the demands of your target market. Identify their issues and pain spots.

How might your offerings serve as a solution? Is it feasible to create new products to assist address these issues? Engage in consumer feedback and monitor changes in customer behaviour and audience interests.

Develop a business support system

Entrepreneurs who create a solid business support structure might benefit from fresh ideas for addressing a specific issue or for expansion.

In addition to close family and friends, consider mentors and business coaches who may offer valuable insights into your company.

Review your business plan

Many entrepreneurs create a business plan at the start of their venture but fail to revisit it on a regular basis.

So, assessing parts of that business plan such as target audience and rivals, examining cash flows and what may make the firm successful, and verifying timetables to meet business goals are all equally important in ensuring the continuing growth of your company.