When adventure teams up with business sense

Rehana Rutti and author Johan de Villiers

Rehana Rutti and author Johan de Villiers

Published Mar 9, 2024


I recently attended the book launch of “Overlanding Through the Boardroom” by Johan de Villiers.

This wasn’t an ordinary book launch – it felt like stepping into a world where adventure and business collide.

De Villiers, a helicopter pilot and adventurer, shared his passion for adventure with a room full of business enthusiasts.

He talked about overhauling your business - not just fixing it, but completely transforming it.

Insights from his adventures, like managing risks, being adaptable, working as a team, and making tough decisions, were incredibly helpful for tackling challenges in the business world.

What I most enjoyed about the book is how De Villiers blends captivating stories with practical advice.

It’s like he’s having a one-on-one conversation with you, sharing his wild adventures and showing you how they relate to running a business.

He also adds wisdom from famous thinkers like Jeff Bezos and Sun Tzu.

Real-life scenarios of overcoming obstacles in business make the book relatable and inspiring.

These stories aren’t just entertaining; they offer blueprints of insights into applying adventure principles to the business world.

In a nutshell, Overlanding Through the Boardroom is a fun and insightful read that challenges conventional thinking about success in business.

It feels like your favourite travel blogger teamed up with a business guru to create a guidebook that’s both thrilling and practical.

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