ANC Youth League calls for young cabinet to take charge

ANC Youth League president Collen Malatji.

ANC Youth League president Collen Malatji.

Published Jun 21, 2024


The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) urged President Cyril Ramaphosa and ANC premiers to appoint the youth to the executive in national and provincial governments.

“The ANCYL calls for the appointment of young people as ministers and deputy ministers by President Cyril Ramaphosa (and) MECs by Premiers,” the league’s president Collen Malatji said at a media briefing.

Malatji said they were pleased with the inclusion of approximately 20 young people under the age of 35 as parliamentarians.

“This was along with a significant number of individuals under the ages of 40 and 50.

“This is a positive step towards ensuring that our leadership reflects the demographics of our society, where the youth form a substantial part,” he said.

Malatji noted that 14 of the league’s national executive committee members were MPs and others served in provincial legislatures.

“Although we have not yet reached all our targets, these outcomes provide hope that our leadership will increasingly mirror the youthful and dynamic nature of our society.”

The league’s provincial chairperson in the Eastern Cape, Vuyo Jali, was appointed as the deputy speaker.

In Limpopo, provincial chairperson Tonny Rachoene was appointed as Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure MEC.

“We appreciate this vote of confidence from the ANC in the Eastern Cape and Limpopo.

“But we continue to push for more representation,” Malatji said.

He heaped praises on the ANC’s approach to form the Government of National Unity (GNU).

This was after it did not win an outright majority in the elections.

“This decision reflects the ANC’s dedication to unity, stability, and progress,” he said.

Malatji also said the league would not compromise on policies that were critical to advancing the National Democratic Revolution (NDR).

“Policies that contradict the principles of the NDR, such as the proposal to reform NSFAS into a tiered bursary and loan system, will not happen under our watch.

“The fight for democracy in South Africa was long and difficult.

“It was marked by immense sacrifices and struggles.”

He added that they would not allow any regression or the implementation of policies that undermined the hard-won gains of democracy.

“The ANCYL is committed to working with the GNU to ensure that the voices and needs of the youth are prioritised and addressed, while firmly opposing any policies that undermine the NDR.”

Malatji said the league would advocate for the implementation of the ANC manifesto during the seventh administration by focusing on the economy, jobs, corruption, education and crime.

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