Robust views on arrests

AKA. Picture: Instagram

AKA. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 1, 2024


Durban — The Daily News took to the streets on Thursday and spoke to Durban residents about what they thought of the arrest of suspects linked to the shooting of South African musician AKA and his friend, Tebello 'Tibz' Motsoane.

Mbali Khanyile sampled their views.

Sinethezekile Majozi, 24, believed the investigation took too long and felt it was not done properly.

Sinethezekile Majozi

“There is something off about the new development concerning the case, which I feel does not make sense.

“There was a lot of evidence from the video footage which could have helped police make the arrests swiftly, without having to prolong the investigation.”

Phumelele Njapha, 21, from Umlazi, said the police had done a good job in finding the suspects by following the money on bank statements that were linked to the hit men.

Phumelele Njapha

“I think a lot research and investigation was done accordingly which, I believe, landed the case where it is now. I also think that they (the police) did well by ensuring that they did not disclose all details, which would have jeopardised the investigation.”

Magic Nsele, 19, from Jozini, applauded the police for their commitment to solving the crime.

Magic Nsele

“We have seen the police failing the nation in the Senzo Meyiwa case. But this time, they have wiped our tears away by making sure those involved were brought to book. The investigation might have taken a bit longer than we would have liked, but I am happy. We need such passion from the police when they deal with criminals.”

Mzamo Nkosi, 26, said the outcome of the investigations indicated that law enforcement was improving.

Mzamo Nkosi

“They made a swift move on the investigations. This brings hope, nevertheless, we still need to see more work done because there are other high-ranking cases that have not been solved. All cases should be given the same attention because crime affects everyone.”

Zama Mdletshe, 19, said the arrest had opened wounds for the musician’s family.

Zama Mdletshe

“I can’t think why the investigation was prolonged because the information was available. Florida Road has cameras everywhere and I just don’t understand why it took so long to find the culprits. The police could have done better especially as Florida Road is a tourist destination.”

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