Teen beauty star on a mission to save the world

Miss Teen Earth International, Chloé-Jade Christian. Picture: Supplied

Miss Teen Earth International, Chloé-Jade Christian. Picture: Supplied

Published Feb 15, 2024


Durban — Newly announced Miss Teen Earth International, Gauteng’s Chloé-Jade Christian, 16, wants to rewrite the narrative and place emphasis on the things that really matter.

The bubbly and outgoing pageant queen is on a mission to change the narrative on beauty pageants as she stands for more than just beauty – for environmental conservation.

“I am determined to contribute my skills, passion and voice towards protecting the Earth for future generations,” she said.

She said the opportunity to serve as Miss Teen Earth International was not merely a title, but a commitment.

“I understand the power of education and the vital role it plays in creating a sustainable future,” she said.

“I am devoted to promoting environmental education, empowering young minds and inspiring them to become the stewards of our planet.

“We only have one planet, let’s look after it. This is a very pertinent call to action.”

Chloé-Jade said that one of the key aspects of her mission was to promote sustainable lifestyle choices and to encourage others to adopt eco-friendly practices.

“Every individual has the power to contribute in their own unique way, and I am dedicated to inspiring others to take action through education, outreach, and real-life initiatives.”

Chloé-Jade participates in environmental clean-up campaigns and conservation projects. These include organising community clean-ups, volunteering for local environmental organisations, and participating in tree-planting initiatives.

She said the answer to whether society and government was doing enough to conserve the environment wasn't a simple yes or no.

“While some are making efforts, others are not. We can always do better by protecting our land and environment more effectively — addressing issues like overfishing, deforestation and pollution. Encouraging mindfulness and respect for our home is crucial. My focus is on influencing individuals positively, as I can’t directly impact government actions.”

When not horse riding, singing, playing the violin or acting, Chloe-Jade studies.

“While I used to be into sports and athletics, I recently took a step back to prioritise my academics. Singing, modelling, and playing the violin allow me to escape and find calmness, while acting and reading transport me to different worlds, letting me create my own stories. Indoors, you’ll find me immersed in books or relaxing with movies and the occasional nap,” she said.

She leverages social media platforms to amplify environmental messages and engage with a wider audience, and collaborate with like-minded individuals and organisations.

She urged people to be mindful of water usage, to turn off lights and electric appliances when not in use, recycle waste, and spread awareness.

“It may seem simple, but it becomes challenging when focusing on daily routines. Consistent effort is key to making a positive impact,” she said.

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