WATCH: Wildlife crusader who took anaconda on Uber rides says it was a unique way to get animals into people’s hearts

Dingo Dinkelman with an anaconda. Picture: Supplied

Dingo Dinkelman with an anaconda. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 9, 2022


Durban — A two-month-old video of wildlife crusader and YouTube celebrity, Dingo Dinkelman, has gone viral after Dinkelman and his 4 metre long green anaconda, Dot, took three Uber rides.

In the video, Dinkelman has his green anaconda wrapped around him. He requests an Uber and although all three drivers are sceptical and afraid at first, they agree to transport Dinkelman, his anaconda and a videographer.

Speaking to the Daily News, Dinkelman said that he decided to take his anaconda on Uber rides because he loves getting animals into people’s hearts, “so I thought this would be a great and unique way to do it!”

“It was a terrific experience for me as I loved to see the Uber drivers go from being absolutely petrified, to actually wanting to touch the anaconda by the end of their Uber ride. This is what it is all about for us,” Dinkelman said about the experience.

When the Daily News asked Dinkelman if he had something similar, exciting or interesting that he is planning to do with snakes or any other animal, he said that every day is a new adventure and they were fortunate enough to be able to have amazing experiences with all different kinds of animals, including reptiles, on a daily basis.

The three Uber drivers were terrified at first but end up warming up to the snake.

If you want to be part of Dinkelman’s adventures, you can watch on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, by searching for Dingo Dinkelman on these platforms.

In the video, Dinkelman asked if an Uber driver will give him a lift with his giant green anaconda.

“One of the tricky things is I need to stay conscious until the Uber driver arrives here,” Dinkelman said.

“I just have to keep her from accidentally suffocating me. But she’s sitting like a beauty,” he said about the snake over his shoulders and around his neck.

The first driver, Sphilile, asked Dinkelman to sit in the back. When asked, he said he was afraid of snakes and once Dinkelman and the snake were in the car, he said he was not okay.

“Please hold the head,” Sphilile said.

He also said that it was his first and last time transporting a snake.

During the journey, Dinkelman asked Sphilile to stop the car because it appeared that the snake was suffocating Dinkelman and he needed help getting it off him.

Minutes later, when he returned to the car, the snake had started making its way under the driver’s seat and Dinkelman asked Sphilile to get out of the car.

At that moment, Sphilile said he was very scared.

Before re-entering the car Sphilile said: “Please make sure it doesn’t touch me.”

“Hold it tight.”

Sphilile even video-called a friend to show him his reptile passenger.

He also said it was the most terrifying trip he ever had.

The second driver, Nkanyiso, saw the snake and started reversing out of the driveway.

The closer Dinkelman moved, the more the driver reversed.

Dinkelman said he would keep the driver safe.

The driver’s eyes were about to pop out of his head when Dinkelman moved in closer.

As soon as the trip commenced, the driver kept looking back to see where the snake was, especially its head.

The driver said he could hear the snake breathing.

“But I’m scared,” Nkanyiso said.

After Dinkelman pretended to pass out, the driver started to panic a bit.

However, a fascinated Nkanyiso asked if they could drive past his fellow Uber drivers so he could show them. They were intrigued.

“This is what it’s about. It’s about giving people experiences they’d never had anywhere else in their lives,” Dinkelman said as the drivers touched the snake.

Nkanyiso ended up touching the snake too.

The third Uber driver, also named Nkanyiso, said he was scared of snakes and kept closing his window but eventually he gave in.

He knew the snake was an anaconda.

Nkanyiso said he was relaxed, but would not touch the snake.

He also knew that anacondas were from South America.

Nkanyiso said he also watched snake videos on YouTube.

“I’m relaxed, but I’m scared,” Nkanyiso said.

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