Unleash your imagination at Somerset Mall's Honesty Library

Published Oct 10, 2023


Somerset Mall is a vibrant community space committed to fostering connections, enriching lives, and creating memorable experiences for all.

With this in mind, the mall is thrilled to unveil its latest community initiative, the Somerset Mall Honesty Library, a sanctuary that promises to rejuvenate the love for reading and unite the community through shared literary experiences. This dynamic endeavour celebrates the joy of reading, sharing, and aims to redefine connecting with fellow book enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities

The Somerset Mall Honesty Library in partnership with Wordsworth Books, a haven for all things literary, is nestled right in the heart of the bustling community. This enchanting space is designed to nurture a passion for reading while embracing the art of sharing stories. It’s a dynamic concept that thrives on the philosophy of giving and receiving, uniting readers in an extraordinary way – a space where everyone can contribute to the literary tapestry of the community.

Step into the imaginative world of words as you explore an eclectic collection of books spanning various genres, from gripping thrillers to heartwarming romances and thought-provoking non-fiction. Wordsworth Books has ensured there’s something for every reader.

The Somerset Mall Honesty Library’s magic lies in its reciprocal nature. Do you have a book you’ve cherished and want to pass on to others? Leave it on the shelves for fellow book lovers to enjoy. Taken a book that intrigued you? We encourage you to replace it with a book from your own collection, keeping the cycle of literary sharing alive.

Escape to a literary oasis

Nestled within the bustling Somerset Mall, the Honesty Library in partnership with Wordsworth Books can be found in the Edgars Court. This isn’t just a corner with books – it’s an immersive escape from the ordinary. Step away from the hustle and bustle to find solace among the pages of your newfound literary companions. The thoughtfully designed seating areas offer the perfect ambiance for losing yourself in a riveting tale or simply unwinding with a great book.

Beyond the pages, the Somerset Mall Honesty Library serves as a nucleus for community engagement. Collaborating with Wordsworth Books, a lineup of exciting events, including invigorating book clubs, enthralling reading circles, and captivating literary soirées lie ahead. These events will be tailor-made for you to connect, share insights, and bond with fellow book aficionados.

Join the movement

Somerset Mall’s Marketing Manager, Mel Jeffries shares insight into the inspiration behind this initiative, “Our Honesty Library in partnership with Wordsworth Books is more than just a charming display – it’s a movement that celebrates the beauty of reading and the spirit of sharing. Join us in creating a space where literature knows no boundaries and where stories are passed from one reader to another, enriching lives one page at a time.”

How to participate

Browse: Peruse the shelves and select a book that sparks your interest.

Share: Have a book you’d like to contribute? Simply place it on the shelves for others to enjoy.

Enjoy: Find a comfortable spot, immerse yourself in the world of words, and let the book take you on a journey.

Give back: Once you’re done, consider replacing the book you took with one from your own collection or simply put it back on the shelf for others to enjoy.

Visit Somerset Mall today, embrace the joy of reading, and become a part of the Honesty Library community. Let’s celebrate the magic of books together!

Note: Due to the nature of the Honesty Library, please ensure that the books you contribute are in good condition and appropriate for all audiences.

Where you will find Somerset Mall:

Centenary Drive, Intersection of N2 & R44, Somerset West or call the Visitor Information Centre on 021 852 7114