Getting to know musician Olefied Khetha and all about his new heartfelt single 'iStepfather'

Olefied Khetha. Picture: Supplied

Olefied Khetha. Picture: Supplied

Published May 7, 2024


Singing sensation Olefied Khetha is gaining traction across South Africa thanks to his new single ‘iStepfather’.

The song was inspired by Olefied Khetha's relationship with his partner's child, which began when he found himself stepping in to assist her with the child out of his love for her.

“I promised that I would make you happy and if assisting you take care of this baby boy, makes you happy, then I will do so as I said I would make you happy and love you.”

He further explained that "iStepfather" is just his way of showing love to the woman he is dating, who happens to have a child. Khetha's girlfriend's son even gave the song his stamp of approval by singing along to the lyrics. The approval was a clear sign for the artist.

Khetha didn't expect that the public would respond well to the song after teasing it on social media, which is something that pushed him to release the song.

With the song, Khetha also wants to educate the public on the fact that there is nothing wrong with dating someone who has a child and that everyone deserves love. “If you love someone, you love them with everything they come with and have.”

The artist said he has received a few negative comments from men, dissing him about the song saying: “You taking care of another man’s legacy” and other degrading things about women with children.

“I try to teach them that what they are posting is not right and that being a man for me is about taking responsibility for something that has nothing to do with you because you want this to go accordingly. Being a man is about doing the right thing.”

Khetha has already made significant strides in the music industry, releasing an EP ‘My Story in Different Colours’ in 2019 and another titled ‘Enough' in 2021.

He fell in love with music from a young age, growing up surrounded by musicians from his grandfather and his mother. Khetha only began creating music in primary school and would later record his first track in 2009.

A fun recording session with friends one random day sparked something in Khetha to create his music. “I fell in love with this thing, grew with it and decided to do it professionally and academically.”

Khetha music has been featured on the screens of Mzansi's renowned soap opera ‘Rhythm City'. “They put out five songs of mine; ‘B.U.K.A’, ‘Ezintabeni’, ‘Umlungu’, ‘Bazoyimela’, and ‘My Olefied Queen’.

“That made my people proud and told me that I had the potential to make it in the industry.”

He has collaborated with Zakes Bantwini, Big Zulu, Mthandazo Gatya, Mthunzi, Mnqobi Yazo, Mr Brown, Duncan and Zakwe.

His song ‘Ezintabeni’ was featured in the American film ‘Loving A Younger Man’. The producer of the movie contacted him through Instagram to find out more about the song and asked him to feature it as one of the soundtracks of the movie.

Khetha was even meant to attend the film’s premiere in America. However, sadly this was during the Covid-19 lockdown and travel restrictions were implemented.

The musician has been working on a new EP, which is ready and scheduled for a June release. In May he will be releasing another single called ‘Isithombe’ and the visuals for ‘iStepfather’.

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