From Thapelo Mokoena, AKA to Riky Rick - fans share their nicest celebrity encounters

AKA. Picture: Instagram

AKA. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 16, 2024


Meeting a celebrity can be quite the moment for any fan. You can find yourself so starstruck that you go completely crazy or you keep your composure and pluck up the courage to ask for a picture.

When it comes to dealing with celebrities, anything can happen. You can encounter them on a good day and they are welcoming or a bad day where the whole encounter leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth.

Music producer and songwriter Andrew Masondo, also known as Yolophonik got Mzansi talking on X about their encounters with celebrities after he asked; “Who’s the nicest celebrity you’ve ever met, and how did you meet them?”

Several Mzansi famous names were shared, with many users expressing how these “celebrities” were nice to them as they shared they’re memories.

Actor and entrepreneur Thapelo Mokoena’s name was mentioned quite frequently, with X users acknowledging how nice he was to them when they met the famous celebrity.

The late rappers AKA and Riky Rick’s names were also mentioned several times. Supa Mega may have been perceived as all “ego” but judging from all the stories, he was a humble guy who didn’t mind stopping to take a picture with a fan.

@Kolie_Yola said: “AKA was so surprisingly nice. I knew the monster on Twitter. But in person, he was so gentle. We were backstage at an SABC 3 pre show, and he insisted I refer to him as Kiernan.”

@karaboo_peggy said: “AKA actually …was at pnp with my friends, and he allowed us an entire photo shoot, there were so many of us …”

@Tee_Tee__ said: “Riky Rick, met him at an event in my hood. I asked for a selfie with him only to realise that my phone died, we took the pic with his phone and he followed me on this app so that he can send it to me via DM. Arg, R.I.P 🕊️”

@SandiswaEland shared how she met internationally famous Trevor Noah and his friend Kevin Hart at a club, and they were the “most sweetest most humble people” she’s ever met.

Farah Fortune shared how she managed to get American actor and film director Clint Eastwood to attend her event, as he was dining at the restaurant opposite the event.

“I talked my way past his security so he’d attend my event that was opposite the rest he was in. He was so sweet, said he’d come when he finished dinner & he did. Even asked for me at the door so I could walk him in. Dream moment!”

Another superstar who was nice to fans was Nicki Minaj during her 2016 concert in Johannesburg. Tasneem Jacobs shared how she and her friends snuck backstage and Minaj was sweet to them.

“She was so sweet. Even though the entire 'meet and greet' turned out to be an elaborately staged scam that she had no idea about, she still stayed and took photos with fans who had been waiting.”