Robot Boii’s response to MacG about what happened inside the YFM lift between Mr JazziQ and radio producer gets mixed reactions



Published Jun 6, 2024


Controversial podcaster MacG on his latest episode of ‘Podcast and Chill’ called Robot Boii to ask the star about what happened inside the YFM studio lift.

YFM content producer Ngcebo Mcobothi took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and initially did not name Mr JazziQ, real name Tumelo Manyoni, claiming that she had been sexually assaulted after rejecting his advances.

An edited video posted by Mr JazziQ did not show any footage inside the lift, and MacG asked Robot Boii - who also has a show on the chiller’s network - what exactly happened inside the lift. All he gave was a one line response of “JazziQ released a statement”.

Mr JazziQ and Robot Boii were at YFM to promote his new collaboration with Robot Boii called ‘Magents (Khululu)’. In the clip seen online, Robot Boii enters the lift after Mr JazziQ.

The amapiano producer Mr JazziQ made headlines after sexual assault allegation were levelled against him by Mcobothi. He refuted the allegations in a lengthy statement, posted on his social media platforms.

Along with the statement, the DJ posted a response from the youth radio after his legal team requested CCTV footage from the elevators where the alleged incident happened, and an edited video of the moments leading up to the DJ and his entourage entering the lift, and then exiting it.

Robot Boii’s response to MacG has sparked quite the reactions from the public, with many wondering why the media personality did not say anything more than “JazziQ released a statement”.

@ApheleleJody tweeted: “The way Robot Boii responded when asked what happened in the lift is how most men protect their men friends and victims never get justice 💔💔

“Then the society starts calling the poor victim awful names because "JazziQ release a statement”.”

@marvin_rsa tweeted: “Call JazziQ what you want, but Robot Boii did the right thing on Mag G. Even if you want to say something, somehow it will now look onto you with more questions.”

— 🎙️Marv' The DJ🎙️ (@marvin_rsa) June 5, 2024

@a_lil_moTswana said: “Damned if he said anything, damned if he didn’t. 😐

“There were other women on that elevator so if we’re going to try hold @Robot_Boii to that standard then call THEM out too!! Let’s not hold up double standards. People will always complain about SOMETHING a re be fair IRL.”

— aLittle Mo_. (@a_lil_moTswana) June 6, 2024

@MohBil2 said: “Any sensible person understands what Robot Boii meant, as bad as it sounds. He was damned if he did. Now he's damned that he didn't.

“If he had said that, the complainant was untruth he would have been accused of aiding and abetting JazziQ. He took the right position here.”

— D💙ddy (@MohBil2) June 6, 2024

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