J. Cole says sorry to Kendrick Lamar after diss track



Published Apr 9, 2024


J. Cole has apologized and expressed regret for dissing Kendrick Lamar on his recently released song, 7 Minute Drill.

In March, Kendrick Lamar dissed J. Cole and Drake on a Future and Metro Boomin’ track titled Like That, where he raps about the big 3, referring to himself as the alpha among them..

“Motherf*** the big 3, it’s just big me,” he raps.

J. Cole, Drake and Kendrick Lamar are widely considered as the big three in the hip-hop industry.

After that song, there was a commotion about it, fans saying he is dissing J.Cole and Drake.

Following that, J. Cole replied with a song 7 minute drill where he disses Lamar’s albums.

“Your last s*** was tragic,” J. Cole raps. “Your second s** put n**** to sleep,” the rapper continues.

Since then, the song has been trending. J. Cole apologised on stage during the Dreamsville Festival. He said he regrets putting out the song dissing Lamar.

“It does not sit well and it disrupts my peace,” he said.

“That was the lamest and goofiest s***,” J. Cole said.

J. Cole further revealed that he feels bad and he has been losing some sleep over this.

“The past 2 days felt terrible, it let me know how good I have been sleeping for the last 10 years”, said the rapper.

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