Pint-sized gamer ‘RoMike’ releases his first music video at just 8 years old

Fortnight gamer ‘RoMike’. Picture: Supplied

Fortnight gamer ‘RoMike’. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 11, 2022


He might be tiny in stature, but this talented eight-year-old is changing the game of music.

Known as “RoMike”, the little wonder is famous for his gaming techniques as he is proudly known as a “Fortnite” gaming guru.

Two years since the Cape Town boy started his passion for gaming consoles, he is sitting on 600 streams and 11 000 “YouTube” subscribers, thus RoMike’s first music video and song, “Mama Said”, which echoes the “Fortnite” prodigy’s love for the game.

The video opens with RoMike getting home to the ultimate gamer set-up — but the cute schoolboy soon becomes part of the very game he enjoys as the audience is transported into the “Fortnite” world with him.

The catchy tune is reminiscent of viral TikTok music trends, with the music video featuring trending Fortnite dance moves while RoMike raps over a synth-like beat that harks back to 1990’s video game audio.

RoMike from Kenwyn, told IOL: “I love the music video, I am happy with the outcome, my favourite part is the basketball bit and the video effects where I get sucked into the game.

“The song was written by my dad’s friends, Larnell and Thembisile. We sent them a lot of things about Fortnite (for the lyrics) and they just came up with the lyrics and flow.”

The production was done by “Mad Little Badger”, a Capetonian media production company, which is also owned by RoMike’s parents.

The proud pre-schooler said: “I’ve been playing since I was 4 years old and I started gaming properly during lockdown. I was six years old at the time.”

Proving that his skillset is not just relegated to the popular game, RoMike is also seen shooting hoops and scoring goals alongside friends of the same age.

The music video also features professional gamer Grant Hinds, who receives the RoMike send-off as the boy-gamer obliterates on-screen.

Popular for his on TV-game reviews, tech enthusiast and digital creator; Hinds said: “Being a part of RoMike2013’s first music video was so sick. The song slaps!

“He definitely has the skills to make it to the pros and this song and MV shows that he’s still very much a kid at heart, one who loves the game and will keep playing no matter how high the stakes.”

Watch the full “Mama Said” music video on YouTube or download the song on Spotify and Apple Music.