Mean girl Khanya defends her behaviour towards Nkateko and others on ‘The Ultimatum South Africa’

Nkateko and Khanya. Picture: Instagram/@netflixsa

Nkateko and Khanya. Picture: Instagram/@netflixsa

Published May 14, 2024


After her jaw-dropping behaviour on ‘The Ultimatum South Africa’, mean girl Khanya Nqolase has spoken out about the experience on the reality TV show, saying it was a daunting experience for her and all the other cast members.

Khanya, who has been trending after viewers were shocked about how rude and brash she was towards her partner, Nkateko, and several other cast members, posted a statement on her Instagram account, acknowledging the public outcry.

The 34-year-old Khanya became an on-screen villain on the relationship centred reality show.

“I understand if some of you may feel like I was out of line with some of my words and actions. It was an intense experience for me and I handled it the best way I could.

“Just like how it was not easy for other cast members watching their partners with other people. It was not easy for me too.

“I have apologised already to those that I have wronged and would like to thank everybody for being so invested in the show and sharing their thoughts on the reality show,” read her post.

Khanya Nqolase has posted a statement on her Instagram account, acknowledging the public outcry with her behaviour on ‘The Ultimatum South Africa’.

Many viewers have dubbed Khanya as a mean girl, due to all the snide comments she has made and rude ways towards her partner and the other co-stars.

Nqolase did not hold back when it came to being mean and petty.

The first edition of the Mzansi segment lived up with the drama, leaving viewers gasping for air.

Khanya was the one who issued the ultimatum to an unsure Nkateko but her treatment towards him on the show had viewers boiling.

In a scene, Khanya was heard hurling insults at Nkateko about his teeth and even threw a bottle of wine at him.

In her statement, Khanya went on to add that; “I acknowledge I’m a strong personality and say things that only others dare to think.

“Making TV aside, we are dealing with real people and real emotions here. It’s in the past and a lot has happened since then including healing and transformation.”

The reunion will be available for streaming on Netflix on Friday, May 24.

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