‘Real Housewives of Durban' star Zama Ngcobo says she is no villain

Actress, tv presenter and reality star Zama Ngcobo Instagram/@thatzamangcobo

Actress, tv presenter and reality star Zama Ngcobo Instagram/@thatzamangcobo

Published Mar 6, 2024


‘The Real Housewives of Durban’ newest cast mate, actress Zama Ngcobo has viewers glued to her presence on the reality show, sparking intrigue.

Ngcobo first made a name for herself in the entertainment industry as a TV presenter, then went on to radio and then found a home in acting. She’s appeared on ‘Generations’, ‘Isithembiso’, ‘Ayeye: Stripped’ and ‘Roomies’.

Reality TV has a thing of showing different layers to our favourite actors, TV and radio personalities. As a viewer you start to see them in a different light, as they show their stripes.

When viewers were introduced to Zama they met a glamorous, matured and poised lady, who has next level HD frontal wigs, but as the layers unravelled, she has got viewers side eyeing her, driving conversation around ‘The Real Housewives of Durban’.

Ngcobo on episode one had viewers nodding their heads when she didn't hook on to Nqobile “Angel” Ndlela’s bait when she called her out for calling her a kid - despite her owning her baby status.

But as the episodes progressed everyone started talking about Zama’s action, with many weighing on how she was moving, stirring drama.

When it comes to the “villain” narrative Ngcobo maintains that she is not the villain and after this storyline there won’t be drama around her on the reality show.

“This is a reality show, so everything is designed in a way that it will entice viewers and some things are made bigger than they are.”

Considering that time has lapsed from the time the ladies wrapped shooting and now viewers are indulging in all the drama, Ngcobo isn’t hung up on the negative comments, having already gotten past the drama.

As a production house boss, Ngcobo understands how narratives are driven, especially on a show where you need to get people talking.

Nobody likes forgettable housewives, who bring nothing to the table. “If people are not talking about us then we are not doing a great job to the franchise that people love so much,” says Ngcobo.

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