‘Hire me in 29 days’

Fortunate Baloyi, 23, has trended on LinkedIn with her 29-day challenge to find a job.

Fortunate Baloyi, 23, has trended on LinkedIn with her 29-day challenge to find a job.

Published Jan 13, 2024


Durban — A 29-day challenge to find a job in a country where unemployment is rife, is an unconventional and risky gamble.

But that’s what Fortunate Baloyi, 23, a recent digital marketing and performing arts graduate set out to do on LinkedIn.

Her challenge trended and the Independent on Saturday caught up with her to talk about the drive behind her job hunt.

Baloyi said that having searched for a job since late last year, she wanted to make her job searching fun and to motivate herself to continue.

“I wanted something to look forward to. Job hunting is a very stressful journey and I felt this trend would help me ease the weight of it,” said the Johannesburg resident.

Baloyi said she had been inspired to embark on the challenge by someone overseas who had posted her journey online. She said that since she had started posting about her hunt for employment, two other job hunters had joined her challenge.

On the first day of her challenge, Baloyi posted about the highs and lows of her job search.

“Today is Day 1, and I hit the ground running. I edited my resume for the 100th time.

“Three recruiters reached out to me by DM for possible job opportunities, and luckily for me, I got two interviews with them and one ghosted me.

“Three days ago I got another interview for an internship and the discussion was insightful; I am grateful for their advice. I got two rejection emails today. Nothing new. I applied for one job I liked, so the waiting game began again.”

She said that since the start of the challenge, she had been approached by hiring managers.

“Although I have not been hired yet, I have received a lot of exposure and my community is growing. I have been approached by big companies to send in my curriculum vitae. Some have said they will keep me in mind for future projects.”

A week ago, Baloyi decided to take a break from the challenge.

“It’s a bit disheartening to be in this position, but I’m trying to remain positive. I have submitted quite a few applications and had several interviews.

“I know the right role will come along because I believe in my skill set and the value I can bring to my next role. The emotional ups and downs have been rough, but I do my best to not fall into fear or depression.

“For anyone who is still facing similar challenges, I support you as we are going through it. The rejection can lead to feelings of failure and inadequacy. But as disappointing as it can be, it can be a valuable learning experience in developing resilience and being even more successful in the long term.

“Here’s to the new year bringing fresh opportunities for us all,” she wrote.

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