WATCH: King of Squat, Nkululeko Dlamini goes viral for doing what he does best

Nkululeko Dlamini in action. Picture: TikTok

Nkululeko Dlamini in action. Picture: TikTok

Published Oct 8, 2023


For anyone wanting a firm round bottom, you should know that one of the best exercises to achieve that is squats.

And anyone who has done squats knows that it isn’t the easiest exercise.

However, this fitness instructor makes squats look so easy that it actually looks like he’s dancing.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast or even just someone who is regularly on TikTok, you must have come across the fitness instructor who has been called the ‘King of Squat.

Videos of him showing off his taut physique have gone viral across all social media platforms.

A TikTok video posted on the South African Aerobics account shows him wearing an all-black skintight top, leggings and a white durag over his long dreads, which has been viewed over 24 million times.

In the video captioned “on his own LEVEL!” you can see why he is called the “King of Squat” as he effortlessly jumps into squats and steps onto and over rows of platforms.


On his own LEVEL!

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While there were many who admired his body and the evidence of what all those squats can do for your glutes, there were others who poked fun at his behind.

“Wow! That glutus is maximus oo!! He’s definitely the king of squats lol,” commented on TikToker.

Another said: “We can see he is the king of squats because look behind him.”

“Sir you don’t need to do any more squats you have an absolutely beautiful body. I am angry,” complimented one viewer.

Not many people know that his real name is in fact Nkululeko Dlamini. Dlamini is from Ladysmith and used to play for Jomo Cosmos soccer team.