Whoopi Goldberg feared cocaine addiction would kill her

Whoopi Goldberg. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Whoopi Goldberg. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Published May 7, 2024


Whoopi Goldberg feared that her cocaine addiction would kill her.

The Oscar-winning actress became hooked on drugs during her early years in Hollywood revealing she would go to parties where sedative pills Quaaludes and cocaine were handed out freely and it took her to some very dark places.

She opened up about her issues in her new book 'Bits and Pieces: My Mother, My Brother, and Me', writing: "I was invited to parties where I was greeted at the door with a bowl of Quaaludes from which I could pick what I wanted.

"Lines of cocaine were laid across tables and bathroom counters for the taking."

Whoopi explained her circle of friends had a relaxed attitude towards drugs and she didn't see cocaine as "dangerous".

She became a "very high-functioning addict" for about a year but she started to worry when she realised she was getting "sloppy" on set and the turning point came when she was staying at a luxury hotel in New York and a friend had given her cocaine as a birthday present.

Whoopi revealed she ended up sitting in the closet in her room sorting the drug, but she was disturbed by a maid. She wrote: "I screamed. She screamed and backed up and looked like she was going to run.

"I had to get to her quickly and try to calm her down. She was staring at my face as I talked."

Whoopi eventually resolved the situation but when she looked in the mirror she realised she had white powder all over her face. She went on to reveal it shamed her into giving up drugs.

'The View' star added: "I'd have been so embarrassed if my mother knew the extent the coke had me in its clutches ...

"I knew I’d have to change out my friends and turn down invitations but I could do that. I didn’t want to die."

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