Groom cancels wedding after bride caught having a ‘quickie’ with his uncle

Groom caught bride in the act. Picture: Freepik

Groom caught bride in the act. Picture: Freepik

Published Feb 6, 2024


One way to stop a wedding in its tracks is if the bride or groom gets caught having sex with someone else just before the ceremony.

In this case, the bride was caught in the act, just 30 minutes before she was meant to say “I do” - having sex with the groom’s uncle.

A bridesmaid took to Reddit’s popular “Bridezilla” group to share the sordid tale.

“So, my friend Dana was supposed to be getting married this past Sunday. The wedding got cancelled and things have gotten very crazy,” the anonymous bridesmaid said in her post.

The Redditor went on to say that Dana, 29, was going to marry her high school sweetheart Josh, 32.

Leading up to the wedding, the bridesmaid adds that the bride-to-be had been acting like a true Bridezilla by making ridiculous demands on all the bridesmaids.

She ordered them to buy $2000 (about R38,000) dresses and attend a destination bachelorette event.

On the day of the wedding, her Bridezilla behaviour continued.

“The whole day she had constant outbursts. She made people cry. Like, wedding staff and bridesmaids,” writes the Reddit user.

“I for the most part took the easy route and decided to work outside the bridal suit like checking flowers, making sure food was okay. Basically any excuse not to be around bride,” she wrote.

She recalls that because the wedding was going to start in thirty minutes they all figured that it would be fine to leave the bride alone.

“I spent those thirty minutes just sitting in the chapel with my phone. It had to be about five minutes before the start of the wedding when MoH (maid of honour) came over to tell me the wedding was cancelled. I asked her what happened,” she writes.

“Dana was having a ‘quickie’ with Josh’s uncle in the room. Josh caught them,” responded the maid of honour.

“I just stared at her with my mouth pretty much about to reach the floor,” the Reddit user recalls.

“She told me to run and that she was trying to get as many people out before things exploded. So I quickly got my purse, gathered the two bridesmaids who were carpooling with me, and we left like the devil was after us.”

“Apparently and rightfully, Josh called off the wedding, called her a few names, told off his uncle, and has since left with his mates to I hope have the biggest single man party ever,” she adds.

If things couldn’t get any worse, the bride had the nerve to ask the bridesmaids to help pay for her cancellation fees.

The Redditor later added to her post, revealing that the uncle with whom the bride had slept was the groom’s mother’s brother and that he was 55 years old.

Shocked Reddit users leapt into the comment section and here’s what a few of them had to say.

“Josh dodged a bullet,” one person simply said.

“Can we also talk about the trash heap of an uncle? Who would do that to their own nephew on his wedding day? Did he just say “Hmm I’m gonna see if the bride is up for a quickie with me, a man probably twice her age.” Or were they having a relationship beforehand?” questioned another.

“Brides Moral compass fell out of a cereal box in the mid nineties,” chirped another.

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