WATCH: Want to gift your partner something intimate? How about jewellery made of pubic hair?

A couple had matching rings made. Picture Pexels/Doğukan Benli

A couple had matching rings made. Picture Pexels/Doğukan Benli

Published Jan 9, 2024


We’ve seen some funny, weird and creepy stuff on the internet and things just keep getting more and more bizarre.

If you’re looking for bizarre, then TikTok is most certainly the place to be.

With almost 6 million views, this video went viral and you will never believe why.

The video showed a jeweller making matching rings for a client.

While it might look like normal rings, there’s in fact nothing normal about it.

Jeweller Amanda Booth shared that a client sent her pubic hair (yes pubic hair!) to be used in the rings.

“Amazing clients sent me a challenge for something new,” said Booth.

They each send her each other's pubic hair and in the video you see her placing strands of the hairs onto the rings.

“I wanted the hairs to be able to stand out so I asked what colour they would want. So we did a dark blue for the centre,” she added.

If you think that the pubic hair jewellery was bad then you might be a bit creeped out by the other jewellery she makes.

Booth makes what she refers to as ‘Jizzy Jewellery’. This is jewellery ranging from pendants to earrings that are made using sperm.

As an extra gift for new clients, she added a few Jizzy Jewellery pieces.

These included a pair of earrings, a pendant and a keyring that she refers to as a “cummy bear.”


I always love being challenged with something new

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While most viewers could not believe that people could actually send pubic hairs, there were some TikTokers who were more tickled by the name of the bear keyring.

“A WHAT BEAR?” asked one viewer.

“A what bear I did not hear gummy,” said another.

“Did she just say ‘cummy bear’?” questioned another.

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