Brabus goes bonkers with 662kW Mercedes-AMG G63 bakkie

Published Sep 23, 2022


Bottrop, Germany - Brabus is renowned for creating some really brutal machines, but the new P900 Rocket Edition “One of Ten” gets ten out of ten for uniqueness.

Not only has the German tuner managed to successfully transform the Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV into a bakkie, but it’s also been given a significant performance boost that makes it one of the most powerful pick-ups in the world.

Beneath the bonnet Brabus has installed its 4.4-litre version of Mercedes-AMG’s twin-turbo V8 engine, which produces 662kW at 6 200rpm and 1 250Nm from 2 900rpm. Consider that the standard G63 produces ‘just’ 430kW and 850Nm.

Brabus boasts that its bakkie beast will sprint from 0-100km/h in just 3.7 seconds (the regular G63 takes 4.5s), making it one of the fastest and most powerful pick-ups on the planet. Granted, the Ram-based Hennessey Mammoth 1000 TRX produces 745kW, and there’s probably some dude in Durban with a VW Caddy that makes even more than that, but let’s not steal any more of the Brabus P900’s thunder.

How did they make it so powerful?

While the software has been recalibrated, there’s a lot more to this engine conversion. Not only has the displacement been increased, from 3982cc to 4407cc, but the tuner has also installed upgraded turbochargers that increase the boost pressure to 1.4 bar, and a high-performance exhaust system.

In order to accommodate the bakkie’s load bin, some serious chassis and body modifications were carried out, and the wheelbase was stretched by 50cm. Brabus made use of state-of-the-art design and construction software to ensure that the vehicle’s torsional rigidity was maintained.

To give it the beastly appearance it deserves, the P900 Rocket Edition has been treated to a widestar body conversion, which also includes front and rear fender flares with carbon elements. The vehicle rolls on 24-inch ‘Platinum Edition’ wheels with low-profile rubber.

The P900 is also set apart by a Brabus exposed-carbon grille and ram-air intakes with Red Rocket ambient lighting. But perhaps its coolest feature is the bonnet sunroof, featuring a glass plane that allows you to view the V8 engine without opening the hood.

The suspension system was specifically calibrated to suit the vehicle’s low profile tyres, which also made it possible for Brabus to increase the top speed to 280km/h.

The P900 features Brabus RideControl aluminium coil-over suspension, complete with billet-aluminium front struts, while the rear shock absorbers have integrated heat sinks. To further cement its stance as a road-focused performance vehicle, the vehicle’s ride height has been lowered by around 45mm.

Brabus says it will produce just 10 examples of the Brabus 900P Rocket Edition, and as if that wasn’t enough to ensure exclusivity, clients will be able to customise the exterior and interior of their vehicles. Brabus does have its own upholstery shop after all.

The vehicle in the pictures features individual bucket seats for the front and rear occupants, which are upholstered in Royal Black Leather with red contrasting elements. The cabin is also garnished with numerous carbon inlays.

So how much does it cost?

According to Brabus, the export price in Germany is listed at 649 638 euros, which equated to around R11.2 million at the time of writing, and that’s before any import duties come into play.

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