Scuderia Grassi 044S revives the spirit of the Lancia Delta S4

Published Jun 20, 2023


By: Double Apex

Restomods are hugely popular at the moment. You can have a modern-day iteration of just about any classic car you wish, provided you have a huge bank account. But some firms are going even further than just upgrading old cars. They are producing completely new versions that are an homage to classics gone by. The latest example of this is the Grassi 044S.

The Grassi 044S is a nod to the famous Lancia Delta S4. The latter was a silhouette racer in the best of the Group B mould. It may have shared a passing resemblance with a Lancia Delta, but that was about it. The S4 was a bespoke, homologation special. Lightweight panels were draped over a custom spaceframe.

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The S4 had a mid-mounted in-line four that featured super- and turbocharging to ramp up performance. It also featured all-wheel-drive to compete with the all-conquering Audi Quattros. Click here to learn about some Quattro milestones.

The Grassi 044S is a modern day version of the famous S4. However, it is not a restomod but rather a completely new car from the ground up. It’s more like the modern-day Stratos that we drove in Italy (link here) and less like the Amos Automobili Delta Integrale.

The most obvious throwback is the styling of the Grassi 044S. Twin-round headlamps, butch haunches and a roof-mounted scoop draw immediate stylistic links to the S4. The wide, multi-spoke wheels are similar in design to later Delta racers. The similarities continue under the skin.

The Grassi 044S has a mid-mounted engine. The unit is seemingly a bespoke creation for this car. It is an inline four that displaces 3,0 litres. In addition it has two turbochargers, which help it to pump out 477 kW of power. Owners can choose between six-speed manual or sequential transmission options. The 044S is all-wheel-drive.

The Grassi 044S is said to sprint from rest to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds. Its top speed is quoted as 300km/h. Oh, and its on-road mass is quoted as 1 200 kg. Production of the car will begin towards the latter part of this year and the company will only produce 44 units. 44 representing the S4 and four-cylinder motor.

Story courtesy of Double Apex

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