G-Power gets hold of BMW M5 CS and the result is a 662kW super-saloon

Published Sep 13, 2022


Aichach, Germany - With its significantly lighter kerb weight, exclusive features and a production run limited to around 1 000 units, the BMW M5 CS is already a very special car. G-Power, however, seems to feel that it could be even more special.

The German tuning powerhouse has unleashed its version of the 2022 M5 CS and it’s playing with some big numbers. G-Power made some serious modifications to the M5’s 4.4-litre turbocharged V8, raising outputs to 662kW and 1050Nm, up from the standard car’s 467kW and 750Nm.

Those impressive power gains are of course due to much more than just optimised electronics. In addition to the GP-900 software upgrade, the G-powered M5 comes with upgraded turbochargers, featuring larger compressor and turbine wheels to significantly increase the rate of airflow.

The V8 engine also gains new forged pistons and conrods, and buyers can look forward to a rumbly G-Power Deeptone sports quad exhaust system with adjustable flaps and carbon fibre tailpipes.

G-Power hasn’t released any acceleration figures (the standard CS sprints from 0-100km/h in exactly three seconds by the way) but pay a little extra and you can get the top speed limiter increased to allow 330km/h.

The exterior design of the BMW M5 CS can be peppered up with an array of optional extras, including a G-Power Venturi bonnet and a large rear wing, both of which are made from carbon fibre. Unique G-Power 20-inch rims are available too and can be finished in gold as per the standard M5 CS.

The theme continues on the inside with an available LED sport steering wheel with the top and bottom rims finished in carbon.

The GM5 Hurricane RR with 662kW doesn’t come cheap, however, with G-Power listing a price of 119 000 euros, which equated to just over R2-million at the time of writing. And that doesn’t include the car, which was listed at R3.8m when the 10 units allocated to South Africa arrived earlier this year.