Police scale down on search for Joshlin Smith

Joshlin Smith was last seen on Monday, February 19. Picture: SAPS

Joshlin Smith was last seen on Monday, February 19. Picture: SAPS

Published Feb 28, 2024


Western Cape police have confirmed it has scaled down its search for missing six-year-old Saldanha girl Joshlin Smith.

The Grade 1 learner from Diazville disappeared on Monday, February 19, at about 5pm.

Police confirmed a missing persons report was opened at the local police station on Tuesday, February 20.

On Wednesday, the young girl has officially been missing for nine days.

Facebook also posted an Amber alert for the missing girl. Picture: Facebook

At the time of her disappearance, Joshlin was last seen wearing a light blue T-shirt and light blue denim shorts. She also has a birthmark located on her left arm.

Western Cape police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Pojie said while teams are still working around the clock in locating the missing girl, the search has been scaled down, as no trace could be found, even though all avenues and resources have been exhausted.

“The investigation team are still working around the clock to follow up on all information which is received from various sources,” Pojie said.

Police also called on members of the public to refrain from spreading unverified information.

“However, we want to urge the public to refrain from posting unfounded and unverified rumours about the search, the possible discovery of Joshlin and those allegedly involved in her disappearance. These rumours and allegations have a detrimental effect on the investigation and resources dispatched, as it derails the investigation and exhausts valuable resources,” Pojie said.

Police also urged concerned residents from neighbouring communities to not come to the area to assist in searching for the missing child.

“We furthermore appeal to residents of the surrounding towns and neighbourhoods not to flock to Saldanha to offer their ‘help’ to search for the missing Joshlin. Door-to-door searches were conducted and concluded on Saturday and the investigating team will still respond to substantial and constructive information received.

“The investigation continues,” Pojie said.

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