Load shedding to remain suspended until further notice

Load shedding has been suspended. Picture: Qimono/Pixabay

Load shedding has been suspended. Picture: Qimono/Pixabay

Published Apr 3, 2024


South Africans can breathe easily as the power utility on Wednesday announced it would continue suspending load shedding until further notice.

Eskom spokesperson, Daphne Mokwena said the generation grid remains steady.

“This is a result of sustained available generation capacity, adequate emergency reserves, and anticipated moderate demand for the week ahead,” Mokwena said.

She said an update will be given later this week.

“Eskom will provide a system update on Friday or communicate any significant changes should they occur,” Mokwena said.

The power utility said a total of 2,365MW is planned to be returned to service by Friday evening.

This while it will be continuing with planned maintenance to ensure improved reliability of its fleet.

“The evening peak demand tonight is expected to reach 27,613MW,” Mokwena said.

After load shedding Stage 2, Eskom announced on Wednesday, March 27, that due to its generation capacity, load shedding would be suspended until Sunday, March 31.

However, on Sunday, it announced a further suspension of load shedding due to sustained available generation capacity.

Last week, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that Eskom's proposed gas power plant in Mossel Bay and a pumped hydro storage facility in Limpopo are among the 12 priority projects identified for project preparation in the coming year.

Speaking at the Sustainable Infrastructure Development Symposium held in Cape Town, Ramaphosa said that these projects would help address critical infrastructure needs while stimulating economic growth and job creation.

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