Unveiling Media Influence: Naspers and Ramaphosa’s 1 trillion rand deal

Published Dec 21, 2023


By Nomalanga Gumede

For years, Naspers and its arm, Media24, have waged a deliberate campaign against Independent Media and its leader, Dr Iqbal Survé. They’ve spread false stories and accusations, manipulating South Africa’s people.

It’s time to uncover their scheme and talk about the big issue.

Recent changes in South Africa’s media show their sneaky plans. This jeopardises fair news and could harm democracy. Let’s reveal some clues to expose their tricky moves and how it damages South Africa’s democratic values.

Naspers’ Past Role

Naspers, known for backing apartheid, still controls a lot of South Africa’s media. They try to hide this past but still influence public opinion through various platforms, promoting their own agenda. They’ve never paid for their role in apartheid’s harm, leaving Koos Bekker with billions in profits, built on the suffering of others.

Media24’s Power

As part of Naspers, Media24 is a huge media group. It has many newspapers, magazines, and digital platforms, shaping what people think. But instead of rectifying past mistakes, it spins stories favouring its interests, not South Africans.

Media24 has a duty to represent all South Africans fairly, not just the ones they favour. They should work towards inclusivity, objectivity, and fairness, rather than focusing solely on profits.

Rise of Independent Media

Independent Media, led by Dr Iqbal Survé, challenges big media. It shares different views and stories ignored by others, offering a fresh perspective. They stand for marginalised voices and challenge the status quo in South African journalism.

Naspers and Media24’s Tactics

Critics say Naspers and Media24, close to the government, attack Independent Media to control the narrative. They use smear campaigns, distort facts, and pressure advertisers to hurt their competition.

Impact on Democracy

Their actions threaten democracy by silencing alternative voices. This monopoly on information limits discussions and transparency, weakening South Africa’s democratic fabric.

Demand for Change

We, as citizens, must demand fair media practices. We need transparency, accountability, and support for diverse voices. We’re fighting for a truly democratic South Africa.

In the words of Malcolm X, the media can make us hate the oppressed and love the oppressors. It’s time to address these issues openly.