Palestinian doctor is visiting South Africa. This is where you can see him

Palestinian doctor Dr Basel Abuwarda is currently on his #PalestineLeads tour in South Africa. Picture: Dr Basel Abuwarda/Facebook

Palestinian doctor Dr Basel Abuwarda is currently on his #PalestineLeads tour in South Africa. Picture: Dr Basel Abuwarda/Facebook

Published Feb 16, 2024


Palestinian medic, Dr Basel Abuwarda is on his #PalestineLeads tour in South Africa, where he aims to showcase the dignity and courage of the Palestinian people in the face of an apartheid occupation that has reached to a point of genocide.

Johannesburg-based humanitarian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) Salaam Foundation and Colours of Hope are hosting the Gaza medical doctor in South Africa from February 14 to 22, for the tour.

In conjunction with highlighting the plight of Palestinian people, the visit to South Africa is also a way of strengthening the bonds between the South Africans who stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Abuwarda will be visiting Johannesburg, Middelburg, Newcastle, Pietermaritzburg, Durban and Cape Town during his stay.

Who is Dr Abuwarda?

Abuwarda is a well-respected surgeon currently practising medicine in Germany.

A total of 57 members of his family members were killed in the ongoing Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip.

In 2014, Abuwarda worked alongside Dr Mads Gilbert at the Shifa Hospital where he treated casualties as a result of war.

He is also a co-founder of the Save Gaza Project and he and his colleagues in the Save Gaza Project have also been instrumental in rebuilding the Shams al Amal School for the physically challenged in the Gaza Strip.

He is also a winner of the prestigious 2016 United Nations Volunteering Award.

Dates and itinerary

The full itinerary of Abuwarda’s tour is listed below. All venues are open to the public and entrance is free. It is also worth noting that right of admission is reserved.

On February 14, he visited Masjid Alansar in Soweto and on February 15, he visited Inyata Conference and Wedding Hall in Roshnee.

The upcoming dates and places are as follows:

– February 16, Johannesburg, Fordsburg, Image Lifestyle Hall, 7.30pm.

– February 17, Middelburg, Muslim School Hall, 7.30pm.

– February 18, Newcastle, Nofta Hall, 3pm.

– February 19, Pietermaritzburg, Nizamia School Hall, 7.15pm.

– February 20, Durban, NMJ Hall, 7.30pm.

– February 22, Cape Town, Islamia College Hall, 6.30pm.

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