Quick reads for this week

PF highlights some quick reads for this week. Picture: Armand Hough, Independent Newspapers.

PF highlights some quick reads for this week. Picture: Armand Hough, Independent Newspapers.

Published Mar 24, 2024


White Paper says 76% South Africans use loyalty programmes

Some 76% of South African consumers use loyalty programmes, up by 3% points from 2022, according to the 2023/4 Truth & BrandMapp Loyalty White Paper.

According to the White Paper, this doesn’t change much across income and gender, but younger consumers (U25s) are still using loyalty programmes less.

“Most consumers are using loyalty programmes more this year, up by approximately 30%. The White Paper is a comprehensive annual snapshot of the loyalty habits of over 35,000 South African adults with a gross monthly household income of R10,000 or more.

“For the second time, there is additional insight into the loyalty behaviour of South Africa’s mass market consumers from MoyaApp included in the loyalty White Paper. MoyaApp has researched 11,500 consumers with a household income of R10,000 per month or less. The loyalty White Paper is written and released by Truth, a Cape Town-based consultancy firm, specialising in customer loyalty,” it said.


Shoprite Group takes title of most used loyalty programme for Economically Active and Mass Market consumers.

This year, Checkers Xtra Savings takes first place as the most used loyalty programme for economically active consumers with 78% usage.

This information is contained in the 2023/4 Truth & BrandMapp Loyalty White Paper.

“They are marginally ahead of Clicks ClubCard (by 0.4%), which had the title of most used loyalty programme in four out of the previous seven White Papers. For mass market consumers, Shoprite Xtra Savings regains its place in the first position as the most used loyalty programme.

“There are no other changes in terms of top 10 positions for economically active consumers and FNB eBucks remains the only non-retail loyalty programme within the top 10 most used loyalty programmes,” it said.

In terms of the loyalty programmes that South Africans claim they can’t live without, 37% of economically active consumers state that Discovery Vitality is their number one loyalty brand of choice.

“There is a change to the mass market segment this year as 41% of mass market consumers say they can’t live without the Capitec Live Better programme. This is up by 4 percentage points compared to last year,” the White Paper said.


Capitec Life Ltd and the funeral insurance business underwritten in the cell structure of Centriq Life Insurance Company Ltd

The Competition Tribunal has conditionally approved the proposed transaction which relates to the termination of a co-operation agreement between Capitec Bank, Centriq Life Insurance Company, Sanlam Developing Markets, and Capitec Ins.

This relates to a funeral insurance business underwritten by Centriq Life, in terms of an arrangement with Capitec Ins (the target business).

According to the tribunal, the public interest-related conditions imposed by the tribunal on this proposed transaction relate to the development of historically disadvantaged persons (HDPs) and small businesses and medium-sized businesses (SMMEs).

“Capitec Group is a South African-based company that operates through its subsidiaries to provide banking and insurance services. The target business is a book of funeral insurance policies,” the tribunal said.