Best medical aids for 2024

Best medical aids for 2024

Best medical aids for 2024

Published Oct 31, 2023


Because healthcare is so expensive in South Africa, and because neither public nor private hospitals can be relied upon to give the best treatment, millions of people have already joined a medical aid scheme.

Without medical aid or other coverage, many private hospitals demand payment up front. In the event of an emergency, private facilities are obligated to stabilise patients without medical aid before transferring them to a public facility. That said, those not covered by medical aid who are unable to make further payment will no longer receive treatment from a private hospital.

To this end, it is more important than ever to insure your health and that of your family with medical aid coverage. Here, we explore the best medical aid schemes in South Africa for 2024.

1. Genesis Medical Aid

No matter which Genesis Medical Aid plan you choose, you'll get the following exclusive perks no matter how long you stay in the hospital.

Each Genesis member has the freedom to select their own healthcare provider, facility, and payment plan. Patients are not required to use network hospitals or doctors who participate in the network for medical care.

In the event of a medical emergency, Genesis members can contact the ER24 Emergency Contact Centre for assistance with pre-hospital care, evacuation, and transportation (including inter-hospital transfers) within the Republic of South Africa.

2. Discovery Health

Discovery's revolutionary mobile app and portal are available for Android and iOS, and it offers considerable benefits with the Core and Comprehensive Gap cover. In addition, Discovery Vitality is perfect for encouraging clients to adopt better habits and rewarding them for doing so.

When compared to other major medical aid schemes, Discovery Health is still in its infancy. But in the last 30 years, Discovery has demonstrated extraordinary creativity in meeting the unique needs of its more than 3 million subscribers. In addition to fantastic medical coverage, members of Discovery Health Medical Scheme can choose from a wide range of affordable solutions.

3. Bestmed

Bestmed offers an excellent, comprehensive range of medical aid plans that suit a wide range of coverage requirements.

The BEAT range, which includes a hospital plan and savings plans, including Bestmed’s new BEAT3 Plus option that gives a 25% medical savings account (MSA), is one of Bestmed's 14 product options as of 2024.

The PACE rRange, which consists of hybrid choices combining the MSA and traditional benefits without any self-payment gaps or thresholds, contains Bestmed’s more extensive alternatives. The RHYTHM range includes entry-level capitation plans with unrestricted primary care benefits and an income-band-based contribution structure.

4. Momentum Health

Momentum Medical Scheme is a reputable and long-standing medical aid company that provides a variety of coverage options, with an emphasis on preventative care and supplemental benefits.

Momentum also offers a wide variety of medical aid plans, including protection for your health, property, income, and even your death.

With six different plans to choose from, the scheme makes it possible for people of varying financial levels to receive quality medical care. Momentum and Momentum Health are great options for anyone who wish to be proactive about their health because of their emphasis on prevention.

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