Dream come true as Luna Paige drops two albums in one day

Popular singer and songwriter Luna Paige. Picture: Nardus Engelbrecht

Popular singer and songwriter Luna Paige. Picture: Nardus Engelbrecht

Published Apr 11, 2024


Luna Paige is celebrating the release of two new full-length albums Dis die Dors and Harmony, that will be introduced and available on Friday.

Two new singles and videos from the albums are already available as prelude to the albums.

Luna will be doing shows in Cape Town and Pretoria to introduce the new albums. The Pretoria show takes place on Sunday at Moonshot Café. Doors open at 1pm, with the concert scheduled for 2.30pm.

Popular singer-songwriter Luna decided earlier this year that she would like to release two full length albums, one in Afrikaans and one in English; and to make it all come together, the releases had to be ready on the same day.

Two singles, respectively from the two albums, were made available as warm-up for the week`s release. They are Dis die dors and Rather be Alone than Alone in Love.”

Dis die dors is Luna's second Afrikaans solo album. Paige chose the single track as the title track for the album because she believes this song captures the essence of the album.

Meanwhile, Harmony is Luna's fifth English solo album. The song was chosen as the title track for the album because it in turn captures the English album in its entirety.

It is based on the philosophies of Plato and Heroclitus, and plays with the theme of opposites: light, dark, good, bad, wholeness and brokenness.

Luna says about the motivation of releasing two albums: “After somewhat of a hiatus, I have accumulated quite a few songs – in my mother tongue Afrikaans and in English.

“After an introspective period during the pandemic, and a lot of unavoidable observations due to global events and the explosion of the digital era – I have found the songs vary between more intimate and introspective themes about man vs nature; but also, more provocative themes addressing the dualistic nature of the self in relation to others.

“The Afrikaans album seems to lean towards the more introspective, while the English album has a bolder onslaught (thematically and musically) – which is quite exciting to me. As I am planning to travel abroad for the remainder of the year, I thought it fitting to leave my fans with enough material to chew on, until I come back with a travel bag full of new songs.”

The music? An eclectic combination of musical influences from multiple genres such as folk, pop, blues, world music, ska/reggae, gypsy music and rock.

In addition to her online launch, Luna Paige will also make available 100 USB sticks with both albums, lyrics, poster designs and 2 music videos, 100 USB sticks with all her music (2003-2024), lyrics, poster designs and music videos, and notebooks with lyrics from both new albums.

The above products can be ordered via her website or purchased at upcoming concerts. Once these concerts have been concluded, Luna will travel to Europe.

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