WATCH: ‘Bring a bucket and a mop’ - Jesse Kriel shows off his toned thighs and glutes during training session

Jesse Kriel. Picture: Michael Bradley/AFP

Jesse Kriel. Picture: Michael Bradley/AFP

Published Oct 26, 2023


Rugby is an extremely physical sport which means the guys who play have to be in good shape.

I mean, have you seen how those guys have to perform on the field?

The sheer physical strength, speed and agility needed to play 80 minutes of what’s one of the most gruelling sports, is unbelievable.

Having put so much hard work into getting in shape, we all get to appreciate how good they look - especially those who have no idea what rugby is all about.

The Rugby World Cup has given viewers ample opportunity to drool over the sweaty taut uber-fit bodies.

And yes of course to admire their skills on the field as well.

However, when X user @TraceyManus took to the app to post a video clip of Springbok captain Siya Kolisi and Jesse Kriel training for the World Cup final on Saturday, it was not their skills anyone was interested in.

The video captioned “Jesse Kriel really said PHYSIQUE” shows Kolisi and Kriel practising lifts with Kriel showing a whole lot of thigh and a little bit of glutes as the team captain grabs him by his shorts and lifts him repeatedly.

The video, which has been viewed over 600K times, has gone viral with most people commenting on Kriel’s physique and has left a whole lot of people drooling.

“Good god I almost bit my lip stukkend” commented one person while another person who clearly doesn’t watch the game responded: “Is this scrum?”

“Bring a bucket and a mop,” said another X user.

Another simply commented: “Damn he looks great.”

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