3 new songs to add to your playlist

Pedro Barbosa and Catharina. Picture: Supplied

Pedro Barbosa and Catharina. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 29, 2024


No matter what kind of a day you’re having, there is always a song you can relate to when it comes to your emotions.

Artists are always hard at work creating songs that may not be chart-toppers but are worthy of recognition and a listen.

Here are three new songs to add to your playlist.

“Write a New Song” – Pedro Barbosa, featuring Catharina

Pedro Barbosa and Catharina. Picture: Supplied

Maputo-born musician Pedro Babosa has teamed up with singer-songwriter Catharina to offer fans a new track that delves into love, jealousy and moving on.

Like most of Babosa’s work, the song was inspired by one of his previous relationships and is about a person who doesn’t want to be with someone, but who also doesn’t want them to move on.

Babosa, who has always wanted to work with Catharina, roped her into the project. With a shared vision, the two invoked raw emotion into the Disney-vibe song.

Catharina said: “After singing for years with Pedro, it just felt like a natural evolution to end up in the studio with him.

“We both want to write music that the listener can experience and feel the emotion. I think it is a beautiful song. I truly believe the song grew into exactly what it wanted to be.”

Listen below:

“Hermosa” – Ason

‘This song derived from me watching a beautiful woman be pushed away because a man doesn’t know how to act,’ says Ason. Picture: Supplied

Mozambican rapper and songwriter Ason has been on quite a lengthy hiatus since the release of his last single, last year, titled “Dragon”.

He returns with his new single, “Hermosa”, which is a song about a beautiful woman, which tends to be Ason’s line of inspiration.

“This song derived from me watching a beautiful woman be pushed away because a man doesn’t know how to act.

“Us guys have to be smooth and receptive to the feminine energy, make it a comfortable environment for them.

“I enjoy situations where girls can be girls. I have fun when they’re having fun. When I make music, I imagine them listening to it, and what they’d be doing if they heard it. Those who know me know that I really set the vibe and my music reflects my real life.”

“Hermosa” sets the stage for Ason, who plans to release many more songs this year.

Listen below:

Chanté – “Stay The Night”

Ahead of her much-anticipated debut EP, Cape Town-based singer-songwriter Chanté has dropped her latest single, “Stay The Night”.

The R&B single takes listeners into a world of love and mystery as Chanté expresses her interest for a potential partner that she meets at a party.

According to a statement, the song sends a message of freedom and fun.

“The beat accommodates one to truly live in the moment through the guidance of Chanté’s astounding voice and ability to tell a story.

“This is the start of a great journey as she plans on taking everyone on an adventurous journey with her EP and telling a story of love and healing whilst bringing a ton of fun and dance into the picture.”

Listen below: