Chrisean Rock gets another Blueface tattoo but fans are over her drama

Chrisean Rock with her baby. Picture: Instagram.

Chrisean Rock with her baby. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jan 29, 2024


A lot is happening in the American pop culture and it’s only January. From Kat Williams spilling the tea in a three-hour interview to Nicki Minaj having a meltdown for more than 72 hours because of Megan Thee Stallion.

Now Chrisean Rock gets another Blueface tattoo.

Rock and her boyfriend, Blueface, have been toxic for some time, and people are tired. Just when everybody thought Rock was getting her life back now that she’s a mother, she took 10 steps backwards instead.

Last year, she removed Blueface’s tattoo from her neck and it all seemed like she was done with him until recently when she got a bigger tattoo of his face on her face.

“This n*gga Blueface said f*** her baby, exposed the baby’s private parts all online and stupid ass Chrisean goes and gets a tattoo of his face on her face. She is not ok,” said @MasinElije.

When people called her out, she went on Instagram, did a live video and accused them of being jealous.

While Rock might think she’s madly in love with Blueface, it could be because of underlying issues. There’s a thin line between being in love and obsessing over someone.

Blueface has humiliated Rock countless times and he doesn’t even seem to respect her. For her to love him this much is questionable.

“Chrisean Rock got Blueface tatted on her face should give men more reason to Love your daughters, call them, tell them you love them,because if you don’t, the first man that shows her attention and invests in her will be the only man she thinks will love her,” said @heisChapman.

At this point, fans washed their hands off Rock as they believe they can’t even reason with her anymore.