DJ Tira reportedly filming a reality TV show

The reality show is set to reveal a behind-the-scenes peek into DJ Tira's journey. Picture: Instagram

The reality show is set to reveal a behind-the-scenes peek into DJ Tira's journey. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 29, 2024


DJ Tira and his family are allegedly gearing up to share their lives on the small screen.

Known for his bold moves, like cutting ties with his former manager Senzo Shezi over money issues, DJ Tira is now ready to invite fans into his world.

Rumour has it, well, according to “Zimoja”, that the Khathi family has quietly started filming their reality show. This behind-the-scenes peek promises to follow DJ Tira's journey from his early days as a DJ to his success in the music world.

Viewers can expect to see how he joined forces with other DJs to spread Durban's music around the country.

While the focus is undoubtedly on Tira's ascent within the music industry, there remains speculation about whether the reality show will explore aspects of his personal life, particularly his past marriage.

Will viewers get to see the ups and downs of his previous relationship, giving them a real look into his romantic history?

It's unclear if the reality show will delve into DJ Tira's previous marriage, which ended in divorce after just two years. There is talk that there are issues in his current marriage with Gugu, originally from Kagiso in Gauteng.

Despite these rumours, DJ Tira went all out to spoil her this past Valentine's Day, showering her with beautiful roses and even possibly gifting her a car, which fans praised him for.

As for the music aspect, DJ Tira will be blessing fans on March 1 with a new single. He wrote on Instagram: “1 March I'm dropping my single #Inkululeko. Check out the behind the scenes.”

@phililemc commented: “I feel Sarafina vibes. Loving it. Someone needs to let the young ones know where we come from and the power of our culture.”

“Yohhhh Hayi this track is perfect for what the youth is going through in our country 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌✊,” @gugu.khathi added.

@sizwegodwin wrote: “Like those who did before you in times of apartheid, music must be used to consciously educate our people, it's not a secret for this freedom to come we need leadership or else this dream will continue to be a fairytale song.”

Meanwhile, anticipation builds for the debut of the alleged reality show.