DJ Zinhle apologises for calling SA youth ‘unemployable’ but netizens are not feeling it

DJ Zinhle. Picture: Instagram

DJ Zinhle. Picture: Instagram

Published May 23, 2024


Popular local DJ Zinhle Jiyane faced backlash from her fans recently for sharing her views on a touchy subject: youth unemployment.

During an interview on 702, the “Mdali” hitmaker said: “One thing about the South African youth is not just that they are unemployed, a lot of them are unemployable. They don’t have the skill required.”

As the video spread like wild-fire, the DJ found herself out of favour with Mzansi.

Hours later she back-tracked on the statement and issued a nine-minute-long video, where she apologised, saying she didn’t mean to “offend anyone”.

“I apologise to you if you felt insult or offended by what I said.

“Maybe I was wrong to use the word ‘unemployable’ because that’s the word that’s been taken to define this whole conversation.

“I was not blaming the youth. I believe that in this country a large portion of unemployment can be resolved by small businesses, which is where I come in.”

She continued to say that “we need to get the youth to a point where they are eligible for employment”.

Watch full video below:

She added: “As a small business owner, I employ and train people, but this doesn't even start to solve the problems we face as South African youth. I could do more with support from the government...

“You guys are speaking from a one-sided view of graduates who have matric, a diploma, etc and can't get jobs. I'm not saying they don't need assistance, but we need to think about the youth holistically, so we challenge the people in power.”

Despite apologising with a detailed explanation, social media users were not buying it.

“Reason she’s apologising is because she realises that the same youth she insulted are the very same youth that buy a fong kong earrings. So this will affect sales and might be an end of an era for her fake jewellery business,” wrote @ka_madesi.

@BBK29_ commented: “Zinhle can voetsek 🤞💯🤧🤧🤧 Zinhle is just a perfect example of why we need education to be FREE and compulsory 🤞💯.”

— Williams🔥💣 (@BBK29_) May 21, 2024

@Lord_Bangs said: “She sounds like she’s trying to rescue her brand. I even increased the speed so she can speak and finish’. Her thoughts are everywhere ‘this plane is not landing any time soon’.”