Forbes family and Nadia Nakai celebrate AKA’s 36th birthday

Tony, Lynn and Kairo Forbes, with Nadia Nakai. Picture: Instagram.

Tony, Lynn and Kairo Forbes, with Nadia Nakai. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jan 29, 2024


The Forbes family and Nadia Nakai kept slain rapper AKA’s memory alive as they visited his grave stone to celebrate what would have been his 36th birthday.

On Sunday, January 28, Lynn, Tony and Kairo Forbes and AKA’s girlfriend, Nakai, showered the late icon with 36 white balloons and flowers at his burial site.

On Instagram, Nakai posted a video of Kairo and herself releasing the white balloons in honour of AKA’s birthday.

The video was complemented by Nakai’s latest tribute single to AKA title, “Never Leave”, which was released on Friday, January 26.

Nakai’s sadness came through in the caption where she wrote alongside the video: “Happy Heavenly Birthday @akaworldwide we all miss you so much! ♾️.

“Got 36 balloons to send to you, and in true Kairo fashion they had to be biodegradable to not harm the environment …Today is painful. 💔♾️.”

Lynn posted a longer version of the same video, where fans got to watch them sing the happy birthday song to AKA.

In the video, Kairo, looking very said, she watched the balloons disappeared into the sky.

The same video was posted on Kairo’s Instagram account, with the caption: “Happy birthday daddy 🤍💜🤍.”

The rap legend’s father, Tony, shared a picture taken next to AKA’s grave stone, with him pointing and looking to the sky.

The tribute post read: “I know you are having a good time at your heavenly party with Ma, Pa Harold, Pa Derek, aunty Delia and aunty Wendy.

“Hope Ma cooked you spicy rice, roast potatoes, chicken, leg of lamb, trifle … We had that today at your Mum’s and we missed you at the table but we know you are being spoiled.

“We also went to St Michael’s your church, sang one of your fav hymns. I missed being able to sing it with you. But I know you were there boy ❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

Other fans and celebrities took to social media to wish the “Mass Country”album maker.

The family also celebrated the fallen icon’s birthday with an exhibition in his name.

A pop-up exhibition, hosted by The Kiernan Forbes Foundation in partnership with Bravado, a major music merchandise company, was held over the weekend at Mall of Africa in Midrand.

On display were exclusive AKA art pieces and “Bravado” merchandise.

The event was free.