‘Idols SA’ winner, Thapelo Molomo clears the air about his job on a cruise line

Thapelo Molomo. Picture: Instagram

Thapelo Molomo. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 6, 2024


Idols SA” winner Thapelo Molomo took to social media to clear up rumours about him working as a waiter on a cruise ship.

The former SAPS warrant officer won the of hearts of viewers during the 2022 edition of the reality singing competition. He went on to win the competition and walked away with a prize package worth more than R1 million.

After winning, he still worked at the SAPS for some time and kept up his side hustle of selling eggs and atchar from his car boot.

Since then, he’s taken up a new job on a cruise ship.

As rumours circulated on socials about about him being a waiter on board, many of his fans seemed puzzled and DM’d him to ask if it is true.

Molomo took to social media to let his fans know that he is not employed as a waiter but as an on-board singer.

“Some were concerned, some needed clarity, some where looking for jobs, and to be honest, I don’t like explaining myself because I know who I am and what I am all about...

“Obviously in life you need to know that you don’t owe anybody an explanation, except God and maybe your parents. But people have been saying they heard I’m a waiter and I should plug them.

“Alright good people, I am not a waiter but I’m sure you’ll know I can do anything. I sold eggs immediately after winning ‘Idols’... I am not ashamed of the hustle as long as I am able to provide for my family,” he shared in the video.

He continued to say that he is a full time singer and showed social media users his name badge as proof.

“I wouldn’t have minded being a waiter if the opportunity presented itself. If I knew about waiting before this, I would have taken it.”

He went on to explain the advantages of working aboard.

“The currency is too high to that at home (SA), I wouldn’t want to disclose salaries, but be rest assured, the currency here is high to that at home, because you get paid it dollars or pounds depending on where you are...

“I do what I need to, to secure the bag and the future.”

He said he chose to do something that will be sustainable in the long run.