Kevin Hart rags Kai Cenat about Tyla friendzoning incident

Kevin Hart. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Kevin Hart. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published May 27, 2024


YouTuber Kai Cenat is rubbing elbows with Hollywood's elite as he is frequently spotted with some of the industry's biggest stars.

And who could forget the time he had Mzansi star Tyla on his livestream and the infamous friendzoning incident. Ouch!

In a recent viral video, Kevin Hart and Cenat were seen having an absolute blast together.

Of course, Hart couldn't resist teasing Cenat. Hart revisited that cringeworthy moment when Cenat proposed a date to Tyla on a livestream, only to be hit with, “We are friends, though.”

Hart kept echoing Tyla’s words, “We are friends tho”.

Hart clearly enjoyed poking fun at the young YouTuber, turning a moment of rejection into a running joke.

Also, Hart appreciated Tyla’s music being played the background!

X user @FearedBuck shared the video and wrote: “Kevin Hart roasting Kai Cenat for fumbling Tyla during the end of the stream was hilarious.”

@Baldnewsnetwork commented: “I was laughing my ass off!!! He yelled that into Kai’s ear🤣🤣🤣.”

— Baldnewsnetworks (@Baldnewsnetwork) May 24, 2024

@concordnsfw commented: “I mean he kinda needed be reminded about that lmao.”

Many comments alluded to wanting to see the two in a movie together because they were so effortlessly funny.

@sir_obafoluke wrote: “I know a movie special goon slap with both of em in it.”

@TrizzeTrell23 also wrote: “Kai Cenat & Kevin Hart should do a father/son duo movie.They’re very similar, it would be box office.”

Perhaps, there's something bigger in the pipeline. Hart has been appearing in numerous movies over the past few years, so who knows? This duo could be planning something that might win audiences back after Hart's not-so-lekker film, "Lift".