Mike Epps takes a playful dig at Katt Williams over viral interview



Published Jan 9, 2024


In the world of comedy, laughter and playful jabs are always on the menu. Recently, Mike Epps couldn't resist taking a humorous swing at fellow comedian Katt Williams, following Williams' viral interview with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay.

Taking to Instagram, the 53-year-old comedian cleared the air about his previous comments on Williams' fashion choices.

Epps cheekily admitted: "I did get a little jealous, man."

Playfully addressing Williams, Epps humorously remarked, "Katt broke the Internet and didn't say my name, good or bad. I need the press, too, **, ***.

“Say something about me in there, man! Say something bad about me, I don't care. I got a special coming out, I need the press!"

Earlier, Epps shared his light-hearted take on the interview and Williams' Fendi jacket, "It's *** up, man. He just should've worn something different. That lil' hat, he had the hat on. And that fake Fendi jacket."

Known for his sharp wit, Epps added, "I cracked on his jacket because that's what comics do."

He concluded: "All this ** is marketing dummies, all the ** he said, and y'all mad at me [crying-laughing emojis] get the ** outta here we are having fun, y'all stressing."

In the world of comedy, it seems the banter between Epps and Williams is all in good fun, bringing some humour and light-heartedness to the entertainment scene.

After all, what's comedy without a few laughs and playful jabs?

One user commented: “It’s all entertainment… we been knowing each other for over 20 plus years… everyone is allowed to tell their truth.. keep moving.”

While @namphuyo76 wrote: “They do you and him the same way because ya’ll are funnier that 95% of the comedians out there. They find it intimidating and shut you out but what God has for you is for you ! Keep shining my brother’s !!!”