The sky is no limit for Cape Town teen as she dances her way to Paris

Lakeisha Dick. Picture: Supplied

Lakeisha Dick. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 4, 2023


Cape Town teenager Lakeisha "Keisha" Dick is breaking barriers and inspiring her peers through her passion for dance.

Growing up in Ocean View, which is plagued by drugs and gangsterism, Keisha chose dance as her path to make a positive impact in the community.

Keisha's journey began when she discovered her love for dance at the age of eight.

Inspired by her mother, who was a dancer in her youth, and dance movies like “Step Up” and “Honey”, Keisha became fascinated by the flips, spins, and movements of break-dancers.

Originally starting off as a model, Keisha's interest in break-dancing grew when she had the opportunity to participate in a modelling competition in America, where she met other break-dancers. She fell in love with the dance genre.

With the support of her mother, Keisha began searching for break-dancing classes in her community, and that marked the beginning of her journey as a “breaker”.

Her dedication and talent paid off when she won the "Red Bull BC One" breaking competition in South Africa, making her the youngest girl ever to achieve this prestigious title.

This victory earned her a spot to represent South Africa alongside B-boy Toufeeq Baatjie at the world finals in Paris, scheduled for October 21.

B-Girl Lakeisha Dick. Picture: Mpumelelo Macu

“It was a shock because I didn't realise that I had won at that moment but when it started sinking in I was extremely excited and proud of myself,” said Keisha.

“I came into the competition having trained a lot. I learnt some new power moves and managed to control my breathing, which helped with my win.”

Her victory came as a shock initially but she soon felt overwhelming excitement and pride in herself. She had trained extensively, incorporating new power moves and focusing on controlling her breathing, which played a significant role in her victory.

Looking ahead to the competition in Paris, Keisha is aware of the tough competition but is determined to bring her A-game and showcase the talent of South African dancers on a global stage.

“I cannot wait for Paris and know that I will have to train even harder, so I can win the competition.

“I want to show the world just how talented we are in South Africa and that we are capable of competing on global stages.”

Her ultimate goal is to become a professional dancer and choreographer, expanding her knowledge of various dance genres and teaching dance to the youth.

Keisha's journey and accomplishments serve as an inspiration to her peers and the community of Ocean View, proving that one can rise above challenging circumstances through passion, dedication and a positive outlet like dance.

By pursuing her dreams, Keisha aims to change the world one break-dance move at a time, leave a lasting impact on her community and beyond.