Lamiez Holworthy-Morule aims to raise healthy, happy and confident kids

Lamiez Holworthy-Morule with her kids. Picture: Instagram

Lamiez Holworthy-Morule with her kids. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 24, 2024


Motherhood suits radio personality and DJ, Lamiez Holworthy-Morule.

After the birth of her son, Leano-Laone, fans have noticed a change in the media personality.

She’s become more family orientated, sharing her excitement about being a parent and often posts special family moments on social media.

Holworthy-Morule took to Instagram where she expressed how much she loves being a mother and that she would do anything to see her kids happy.

She said: “I swear God knew I needed my kids. He then deemed me worthy and this? This is why I work as hard as I do! Seeing them happy.”

She shared a video, which showed her DJing a set until after early hours of the morning, then waking up early the next morning for breakfast with her kids, before hoping on a helicopter to sightsee in Cape Town and do other activities.

“Balanced multiple gigs, little to no sleep in making sure that Cape Town was memorable for my kiddies. ❤️,” she said in the caption.

Holworthy-Morule is married to South African rap star Khuli Chana. The two share their one-year old son, Leano-Laone together, while Chana has a daughter named Nia, from his previous relationship with actress and TV presenter, Asanda Maku.

In a separate post, Holworthy-Morule wrote that she and her hubby are on a mission to raise healthy, happy and confident kids.

“Healthier, happier and more confident black children – that’s who we’re trying to raise ❤️.”

Fans praised Holworthy-Morule for being a “cool” mother and a great role model.

“You’re a true testament that as a woman in business, “YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL” ❤️,“ said @sibumabena.

“You’re such a cool Mommy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,” said @kopano_diamond.

“Beautiful Mummy with her cubs ❤️,” said @pulane_madam_rivage_monkhe_.

Other fans rooted for them to get a reality show.

“🙌🙌🔥🔥I hope soon we will see your reality show on our screens, you really deserve one🔥,” said @shibu.chrisie.

“Can you guys bless us with the reality show plzzzzzzz😍😍😍🙌❤️,” said @mcebo_zwane0.