Social media folks weigh in on a couple declining late RSVPs from guests

Published Mar 15, 2024


Some people don’t respect your time. As such, it’s unsurprising when they miss an RSVP deadline.

A lady on X, who goes by @BlackBarbie_Chi, posted that a couple had sent out wedding invitations with an RSVP deadline and when some of their guests failed to RSVP on time, they later declined them an entry to the weddings.

@BlackBarbie_Chi wrote: “So a couple sent out wedding invitations with a RSVP deadline (very reasonable timelines). Guests who RSVP’d after the date were told RSVP is closed, guests had missed the deadline & as a consequence would miss their wedding. Final numbers had been turned in. What do you think?”

She also followed up with the rejection statement sent by the couple, which read: “We’re sorry you can’t make it to our wedding. Our RSVP deadline has passed, and you unfortunately did not respond. We would have loved to have you attend, but final numbers have been turned in, and your presence will be missed.”

While others said the couple could’ve pardoned them, most agree that the couple did well because that’s the point of an RSVP. To book your seat in time so the host can make necessary arrangements for you.

“It’s fair. People need to take responsibility. The instructions were clear one person costs a lot in a wedding, and the bride/groom had to move forward with their planning and all so, I’ll allow it,” commented @i_kimiah.

Another X user, @lee_mamz, said: “They did good. They’ll have more control over the guests and preparations so everything goes smoothly.

“Now I want to know if they’re Nigerian because if they are, it would take a lot of putting their foot down with the parents to see that through. It’ll be double impressive.”

So, to everyone who has a tendency of missing an RSVP deadline, make sure you change your ways unless you don’t want to attend that event.