WATCH: Minnie Dlamini serves legs for days in latest Instagram post

Minnie Dlamini. Picture: File.

Minnie Dlamini. Picture: File.

Published Jan 18, 2024


Haters can hate, but one thing they cannot take away from Minnie Dlamini is her beauty.

About 10 years ago, Dlamini was recognised as one of the hottest women in Mzansi. Everyone loved her and gushed over her beauty.

However, things have changed now that she’s divorced. Mind you, she is as beautiful as ever, but people seem to dislike her, which is no surprise because society is not kind to divorced women.

They will ridicule them for choosing themselves over their marriage and that’s what happened to Dlamini.

What’s worse is that the hate is also coming from women, saying she fell off and all those unpleasant comments, talking about internalised patriarchy.

Nonetheless, the KwaZulu-Natal beauty doesn’t seem to be bothered by the keyboard warriors, who hide behind their screen to say nasty things about people.

Instead, she’s living her truth and seems to enjoy being single again.

In a short Instagram post, the TV host shared a video of herself in all black. She wore high-waisted underwear, a cropped top and boots, showing off those beautiful legs.

And judging from the background, it looked like she was doing a photo shoot of some sort.

While others tried to be weird by saying she was exposing a “temple of God”, Dlamini’s followers quickly came to her rescue.

“I am serious, plus she’s not naked. I mean you’re so concerned about people on social media, since we’re talking about ‘temples’, your wife is showing us her tummy too in the pictures and her skinny jeans, practically naked too so maybe ‘charity’ begins at home,” said tamia__melissa.

There is also a Dlamini hate train on X, and the more they try to bring her down, the more they expose themselves.

“Minnie Dlamini literally bothers no one. I’m beginning to suspect that you guys are miserable to her because you’re miserable in your own lives. Pathetic,” defended @oddettem.