WATCH: Minnie Dlamini’s use of Instagram filter confuses her fans

Minnie Dlamini. Picture: Instagram.

Minnie Dlamini. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jan 5, 2024


Minnie Dlamini appears to be facing the wrath of social media users recently.

In a recent incident, the media personality told her followers on her Instagram story that she was feeling refreshed after going on holiday.

She was using a lip flip filter which enhanced her lip size, but some thought she had Botox done.

This caused scores of people to take to X to comment about her appearance.

— DineO (@Dineo_thulii) January 3, 2024

“There was a time when Minnie was the poster child for SA women’s beauty, every audience would eagerly wait for the Minnie Dlamini part on Doc Shebeleza. All of that attention, appreciation & hype was not enough to show her the truth about her looks. Now look at this,” commented @OwenKubekz.

Many were unaware that Dlamini was using a filter which virtually enhanced the size of her lips.

This caused social media users to add their opinions, without any verification.

But this did not stop the popular media personality, who couldn’t be bothered by those who missed her joke. Instead, she continued to secure the bag, as she recently hosted a New Year’s Eve party with Ntando Duma at Rockets Bryanston, in Johannesburg.

In other news, Dlamini shared a heartfelt tribute for the late Mbongeni Ngema. Ngema, who died on December 27, was a talented playwright, musician, director and choreographer. He wrote the legendary “Sarafina!”.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Dlamini shared the stories she had heard about Ngema from her father.

“They grew up KwaMashu, in Durban, the township I was born in. My dad would tell the story and just laugh. Mbongeni, as a kid, would go to town and watch a movie at the cinema,” her post read.

She added: “He would then come back home, gather everyone around and start re-enacting the whole movie! My dad says he was incredible even at a young age! It is no surprise he is the man I painfully pay tribute to today. Rest easy, King! Rest in power that your words and stories shaped this country and its healing! What an absolute icon. You fuelled my love for drama in all its beautiful facets, and I and many others are so grateful.”